Malayalam Movies Celebrated By Fans .. Annoying Google Kuttappa

Movies that are successful in other languages ​​are usually remade in other languages ​​as is the norm in cinema. In addition, our Tamil cinema has been remaking some of the biggest hits in Malayalam in recent times.

In that sense, many recently released films in Tamil such as Hostel, Google Kuttappa, Visithran, Passengers Pay Attention are Malayalam remake films. The film is currently receiving rave reviews for its variety of performances.

However when compared to the Malayalam film it is the opinion of the fans that some of the emotional scenes in this film are not to that extent. Some also suggest that the director may have paid a little more attention to the choice of characters.

Similarly, KS Ravikumar’s performance in the recently released Google Kuttappa movie has been appreciated by many. They also say that he has acted a lot in sentimental scenes.

But the character of Suraj who appears in the original Malayalam film Android Kunchappan would have been shown to have a very tight face without showing any emotion. Such a person would realistically show how he changes with the arrival of the robot.

The fact is that Google has failed to show some of those things in Guttappa. And many more things are at odds with the character. That is why the film is currently hated by fans. Similarly, the movie Hostel has failed to impress the fans.

The film was a huge success in Malayalam and became a blockbuster. Fans who saw that movie are now completely disgusted with watching the hostel movie. All the movies that have captivated the fans in Malayalam like this are making a way for the Tamil fans.

If there is one escape film, it is the RC Suresh starrer. The director has given the emotional plot of a Malayalam film in Tamil as it is. The film has been released for Tamil fans without any artificiality.

Otherwise, those films are a disappointing gift to the fans who watch Malayalam movies and expect to be good in Tamil. As a result, many fans are openly shouting that no one should remake Malayalam films in Tamil anymore.

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