Mani Ratnam said about the movie Man .. What did you say like this

Man is a 1987 film directed by Mani Ratnam and starring Kamal Haasan. When the film was released, many people praised it word for word. To that extent Kamal Haasan’s acting and the story of the film had captivated the fans.

Man movie is the reason why many directors in the film industry today are coming to the screen. This has been said by many directors on many platforms. Because that film has been their role model.

Many directors like Gautham Vasudev Menon and Vetrimaran say that Man is the reason we are in cinema. To that extent the Man film received tremendous recognition.

Such a man image is still celebrated by many today. In a recent interview, Mani Ratnam was asked about the Man movie. Then he is stunned by the unexpected response.

‘Everyone likes the Man movie. We have put that much better effort into their work. But even now, if I had shot a few scenes like this in the film, I still have the impression that the film would be talked about in a big way, ‘said Mani Ratnam in the interview about the film Man.

He also said that he has seen some mistakes in the film so far. Mani Ratnam has also said that he could have given a little more subtlety to this film.

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