Manivannan who turned the cinema upside down .. the success of the first film

Director Manivannan made his debut in the film industry as an assistant director to Bharathiraja with the film Waves Don’t Rest. In fact, there was a rumor that the story of the film was the story of Manivannan.

After that he directed many successful films and became a leading director in Tamil cinema. Tamil cinema in general has a history. The fact is that in all the films directed by women, women do not leave their husbands to anyone.

This is the kind of story that was coming out more and more at that time. But Manivannan changed the history and made a difference in the first film. His first film with so much pride is that the towers do not tilt.

The film, starring Mohan, Sukasini, Radha, SV Sehgar and many others, was a huge success. Sukasini would have played the character of Arukkani, a village girl without beauty. Mohan then reluctantly marries him and remarries his favorite Radha.

Mohan keeps both of them in the same house and gets stuck. The story is about two wives who later find out this fact and decide to give up their husbands. Coming out with such a different storyline, the film caught the attention of many.

The songs featured in the film and Suhasini’s performance were well received. Director Manivannan, who had given a different work that Tamil cinema had never seen before, also got opportunities. Manivannan, who changed such a history, is still in the minds of the people as a director.

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