Manopala regrets Sivakarthikeyan’s action – tweeted by himself

Actor Sivakarthikeyan is an example of a promising future in Tamil cinema.

He did not suddenly become a leading actor and we all know very well how much work there is after that.

The last Doctor movie starring Sivakarthikeyan was a box office hunt. At the box office, Rs. It has collected up to Rs 100 crore. ‘

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Don is now set to release on May 13 starring Sivakarthikeyan. Many Vijay TV celebrities have acted in it and we got to know who it is by looking at the posters.

The movie will be released in theaters on May 13 and the trailer of the movie will be released at 7 pm today. Sivakarthikeyan tagged and tweeted this information to the film crew.

But Sivakarthikeyan has missed the name of Manopala who starred in the film. Share that post of his Manopala Where is my name? As asked.

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