Manushanna is Tanya .. RJ Balaji is the inspiration for great heroes

RJ Balaji is now in a good place to grow his talent in cinema. Although he struggled in the early days, Tamil cinema has now given him a permanent place.

He is currently mixing hero and comedy in a lot of films and is making a name for himself. He is currently directing and starring in the film House Special.

And those who are in a good position on the screen do nothing to help those who are suffering. In this field of cinema, RJ Balaji pays his assistants the money he has on a daily basis.

In any case, it costs them more than 20 thousand rupees a day. But he has been reluctant to give it to his own castle without buying it from the makers. Many of the leading actresses now hire individuals for things like make-up for themselves.

The producers are paying for their salaries and accommodation. Moreover, in this day and age when many heroes buy money from the producers and give it as their own money, RJ Balaji giving the money in his hand has come as a surprise to many.

This seems like an inspiration to many of the great heroes that exist now. Seeing this I don’t know if the existing heroes will follow. However this character of RJ Balaji has got a good value in the screen.

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