Many offers to hook up with one offer .. Great sketch by Hansika’s mother

Hansika Motwani is expected to make a round of Khushboo as the bubbly heroine in Tamil cinema but is now without opportunities. Initially his performance had a huge fan base but gradually his performance became sour for everyone.

He is a bit plump and has been accused of not acting properly. But he threw it all away now. He has recently signed on to star in a film on ODT. He was talked about a salary of around Rs 1.5 crore for the film.

Hansika’s mother put an agreement for that too. Taking that agreement Xerox and capturing four or five opportunities by misrepresenting that they pay so much and you pay so much.

He hooked up with an offer and bought several offers with the help of Hansika’s mother. And Hansika is losing weight and becoming skinny. This also helps to bring in more image opportunities for him.

Currently Hansika has four films in her possession like Maha, Rowdy Baby, Vijay Chander and a film with director Kannan. Hansika, who has been busy not only in Tamil but also in Telugu, is currently committed to films like Partner, 105 Minutes and My Nom Pitch.

Hansika, who has such monolithic films in her hand, understands exactly what the film will do if she does and makes it perfect. The films starring Hansika are going to line up in the coming days.

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