Marakkar Box Region of enterprise Sequence Day 14: Mohanlal Starrer Inching Slowly Against ₹25 Crore Label


Its been consecutive eight days, since Mohanlal starrer Marakkar Arabikadalinte Simham earned bigger than a crore in a day. Made a whopping funds of almost ₹85 crores, the film has up to now amassed completely ₹23.86 crores in India. Same numbers were reported from the in one other country market as neatly. Seeing the most in model pattern, Marakkar is expected to endure a whimsical loss. For more data, test our in-depth Marakkar box place of job series day 14 epic. 

Marakkar Box Region of enterprise Sequence Day 14 (02-15 December)

Thursday 2/12 ₹7 Cr
Friday 3/12 ₹3 Cr
Saturday 4/12 ₹3.2 Cr
Sunday 5/12 ₹3.5 Cr
Monday 6/12 ₹2 Cr
Tuesday 7/12 ₹1.2 Cr 
Wednesday 8/12 ₹0.84 Cr
Thursday  9/12 ₹0.75 Cr
Friday 10/12 ₹0.50 Cr
Saturday 11/12 ₹0.30 Cr 
Sunday  12/12 ₹0.61 Cr 
Monday 13/12 ₹0.45 Cr (approx)
Tuesday 14/12 ₹0.23 Cr (approx)
Wednesday 15/12 ₹0.18 Cr (approx)
Total   ₹23.86 Cr (approx)

Marakkar Arabikadalinte Simham Trailer 

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Marakkar’s box place of job earnings are expected to endure a colossal hit as Spider-Man No Design House releases. Any possibilities of a weekend enhance are inclined to be spoiled. As of now, the undoubtedly hope of setting up marginal profits lies completely on the OTT viewership.  

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