Marakkar Field Place of work Sequence Day 15: Mohanlal Starrer Assign To Lose A Lot Of Money At The Field Place of work


On a day-to-day basis, Mohanlal’s Marakkar Arabikadalinte Simham has now not earned extra than a crore for the previous 9 days. The movie, which used to be made on an enormous finances of nearly ₹85-100 crores, has most efficient made a total of 24.01 crores in India. An analogous figures were reported from the worldwide market. Marakkar is anticipated to lose loads of money if the contemporary pattern continues. Strive our in-depth Marakkar field location of enterprise series day 15 report for additional records.

Marakkar Field Place of work Sequence Day 15 (02-16 December)

Thursday 2/12 ₹7 Cr
Friday 3/12 ₹3 Cr
Saturday 4/12 ₹3.2 Cr
Sunday 5/12 ₹3.5 Cr
Monday 6/12 ₹2 Cr
Tuesday 7/12 ₹1.2 Cr 
Wednesday 8/12 ₹0.84 Cr
Thursday  9/12 ₹0.75 Cr
Friday 10/12 ₹0.50 Cr
Saturday 11/12 ₹0.30 Cr 
Sunday  12/12 ₹0.61 Cr 
Monday 13/12 ₹0.45 Cr (approx)
Tuesday 14/12 ₹0.23 Cr (approx)
Wednesday 15/12 ₹0.18 Cr (approx)
Thursday 16/12 ₹0.15 Cr (approx)
Total   ₹24.01 Cr (approx)

Marakkar Arabikadalinte Simham Trailer 

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