Marakkar Field Recount of job Series Day 8: Woes For Mohanlal Starrer Doesn’t Seem To Stop


Marakkar Arabikadalinte Simham, the Mohanlal-starrer directed by Priyadarshan, has received mixed critiques from each and every audiences and critics. Marakkar’s earnings appreciate consistently been on a downward slope. Marakkar box collections for day 8 stood at correct ₹75 lakhs. As the weekend approaches, we are going to fully hope for an amplify in earnings. 

Marakkar Field Recount of job Series Day 8 (2-9 December)

Thursday 2/12 ₹7 Cr
Friday 3/12 ₹3 Cr
Saturday 4/12 ₹3.2 Cr
Sunday 5/12 ₹3.5 Cr
Monday 6/12 ₹2 Cr
Tuesday 7/12 ₹1.2 Cr 
Wednesday 8/12 ₹0.84 Cr
Thursday  9/12 ₹0.75 Cr (expected)
Entire   ₹21.594 Cr

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When it involves the in a single more country box discipline of job, alternatively, the Priyadarshan-directed film is doing exceptionally well within the UAE-GCC discipline. Even supposing Marakkar Arabikadalinte Simham has suffered essential losses in different crucial in a single more country markets, including North The US, the UAE-GCC collections appreciate made up for it. On its opening weekend, the Mohanlal-starrer grossed a whole of ₹20.3 crores at the in a single more country box discipline of job.

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