Marriage, kadukuttuna enough .. Vijay for money, Ajith ugly producer

The films starring Rajini, Ajith, Vijay and Surya have failed critically but the collections have made the producers happy. Movies like this are less likely to come to theaters and that is why superstar films are less likely to come. Despite that, Vijay’s Master movie came out last year and garnered a lot of revenue.

Producer, K Rajan will always talk to whoever he is and wherever he is. Prior to this, Vijay sang the praises. Now Ajith, who gave the bow failure film more than Ajith, is asking for his salary of Rs 100 crore more. Vijay’s salary has already crossed Rs 100 crore.

It is not known who is showing the anger above to Vijay and Ajith. No matter where he goes, whether it’s the same wedding, ear piercing, housewarming, house movie festival, Ivanka’s job has enthralled a lot of people. He speaks as if everyone is admiring him, and he claps his hands and then comes to his mouth.

The speaker who spoke was Ranganathan Asinga, who was asked a sample question. K. Rajan speaks as if he has forgotten all about Vayasayituchula and that is why he came to his mouth. Actors in Tamil cinema do not always ask for more than their salary. These producers are the ones who call the actors for more money.

The actors who gave the failed film are being used for the same salary .. This is not the case now. It may have taken place before the time of MGR Shivaji.

Shivaji Salary 7 lakh film budget 4 lakh I know this he does not know why. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! You’re just kidding, you’re just kidding, you’re just kidding. This is very wrong K.Rajan is a senior in their age and we ask you to stop talking about this. Do not call the actors to change you.

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