Marriage life ended by suspicion .. Karthik, Sathyaraj movie is Ammani

The personal lives of many actresses who roam the cinema as the dream girl of the fans are not so happy. Very few actresses are living happily in their married life. For some actresses, that joy is octagonal.

Actress Sukanya is the only one who went through a divorce in the same year of marriage and is now living in solitude. He was very popular in the 90s and made his debut with the movie Puthunellu Puthunathu.

Following that, he has acted opposite many actors like Prabhu, Karthik, Kamal and Sathyaraj. Many of his films like Chinna Kauntar, Walter Vetrivel, Mahanadi, Indian are still the favorite films of the fans.

After some time, with the arrival of new actresses, his cinema opportunities dwindled. So she married Sridhar Rajagopal from the United States in 2002 and settled down.

This marriage ended in less than a year. The reason for this is that Sukanya still starred on the iconic screen after her marriage. Thus the differences between her and her husband increased. At one point Sukanya, unable to bear the words of her suspicious husband, divorced him.

After that he continued to act in films without thinking about another marriage. Sukanya, now 52, ​​has been living alone without thinking about anything else due to the stress of her first marriage.

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