Marvel Launches a Classic Captain America Backpack and Pin Set Exclusive

Marvel Launches a Classic Captain America Backpack and Pin Set Exclusive

Marvel fans and back to school shoppers have a new Loungefly backpack option inspired by the classic red, white, and blue Captain America look from the comics. It even comes with a shield pin as a bonus. If that wasn’t enough, the release is a limited edition exclusive that you can only grab here at Entertainment Earth for $49.99 while it lasts. It will be on your doorstep at some point in July. Presumably, the release celebrates Independence Day, which also happens to be Steve Rogers birthday.

Loungefly’s retro Cap backpack measures about 18-inches tall x 12-inches wide x 5 1/2-inches deep with a top zipper closure, a front zippered pocket, adjustable straps, and printed details. In other words, it’s a full-size backpack that should be able to carry your laptop, tablets, books, and more.


Speaking of Captain America, Hasbro recently launched this full-scale Marvel Legends Captain AmericaStealth Shield replica from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and pre-orders are live here at Entertainment Earth for $119.99 with free shipping set for October.

The colors of the stealth shield are more muted for, uh – stealth. Captain America used the muted shield during the nighttime mission to take the satellite launch platform The Lemurian Star in Captain America: The Winter Solider (2014). It’s one of several Marvel Legends Captain America shield replicas that have been released over the years, so if you want to display them all you’ll also need the standard Cap shield, the comic book shield, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier shield.

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