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Marvel Movies Ranked: The Best and Worst MCU Films | Den of Geek

Marvel Movies Ranked: The Best and Worst MCU Films | Den of Geek

This text contains spoilers for the total Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We honestly don’t know what has taken us goodbye to with out a doubt attain this, but it completely’s in the end time. Den of Geek workers and readers bear advance collectively to vote in describe to horrible all 27 MCU movies to this level! We decide that since we’ve an uncharacteristically prolonged smash between Marvel Cinematic Universe theatrical releases between December’s Spider-Man: No Scheme Dwelling and Would possibly perhaps well’s Doctor Irregular in the Multiverse of Madness now may presumably well be the opportune time to achieve an MCU ranking that wouldn’t be straight away invalidated by a brand new free up.

How did we vote? Smartly, Den of Geek editors, workers, and writers all solid their ballots, but so did readers! Hundreds of DoG readers voted for their favorites on Twitter and Instagram, and the aggregate results of the viewers and workers vote is what brings us the listing you gape earlier than you.

Now, let’s starting up counting accurate down to the very easiest the MCU has to present…

27. Thor: The Darkish World 

Ah, the wasted doable of this one. Thor: The Darkish World made some appropriate decisions, particularly in how unprecedented of the motion it house in an accurately comedian e book-y version of Asgard and its use of a villain (Malekith the Accursed, performed by Christopher Eccleston) from Walt Simonson’s all-time huge Marvel Comics urge. There are shadows of what this film may presumably bear been peeking by, but in the slay it feels a bit forgettable after Thor’s triumphant turn in the earlier One year’s Avengers. It’s a stepping stone to a ways bigger things for this nook of the MCU, but that’s about all. 

26. The Improbable Hulk 

The Improbable Hulk is almost a forgotten MCU entry. The second film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe became as soon as the first to hint at even wider connections to advance relief in a profound formula, with our first hints of Captain The US and the large soldier serum, the connections to Tony Stark, and more. 

Star Ed Norton in the slay departed the feature of Bruce Banner after this film (to be modified by the now ubiquitous Label Ruffalo), making it feel blueprint more fancy a relic of another technology. Restful factors of this film are turning into relevant again, with Tim Roth’s Abomination making a cameo in Shang-Chi and the Myth of the Ten Rings, and Hulk mythology about to accumulate explored additional on Disney+ with a She-Hulk sequence. Whereas The Improbable Hulk is never any longer going to be your celebrated Marvel film, it’d be value revisiting it quickly sufficient. 

25. Iron Man 2 

If Iron Man showed the aptitude of what the MCU would be, Iron Man 2 became as soon as a warning relating to the Marvel Scheme’s drawbacks. This sequel keeps unprecedented of the creative crew which made a fundamental two years earlier, yet despite ostensibly being about Tony Stark dealing with the fallout of status, the chaotic result appears more distracted by the have to house up other priorities. There’s Scarlett Johansson’s underdeveloped intro as Sad Widow; a completely superfluous subplot though-provoking Nick Fury and SHIELD; and a few empty Avengers Easter eggs. The performed patchwork leaves most fine time for Tony and his enemies to smile for the cameras. 

24. Eternals

Even earlier than it became as soon as released accurate into a sluggish pandemic box place of job landscape, Eternals had an uphill fight. Two and a half hours may presumably sound fancy a actually prolonged time, but whenever you watched relating to the process of introducing ten new characters to the MCU no longer prolonged after Endgame did such an correct job reminding us of how unprecedented we fancy the ones we’ve already bought, it’s no longer very prolonged the least bit. Chloe Zhao does an admirable job with the time she is given, but inevitably the tale of a family of passe superpowered folks and their millennia-prolonged wrestle to form humanity in direction of a more utopian future is most fine moderately winning. 

23. Avengers: Age of Ultron 

One other sequel that appears to be to be a sufferer of its predecessor’s recognition, the second Avengers film is a film divided against itself. Is it a mountainous creep about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes combating sentient A.I. or an origin for Vision and the Mind Stone? A stripped down sequel the set up the crew loses its sci-fi toys or a setup for Thor: Ragnarok? It’s all those things and none of them. Somehow, it’s trusty different bloated noise the set up even the rapid Joss Whedon dialogue sounds flat. However hey, on the least it teased Cap and Mjolnir.

22. Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp is by no formula a inferior film. It’s a sequel packed with laughs and pretty persona moments that explores what it’s fancy for continually-sidelined characters fancy Scott Lang, Hope van Dyne, and Hank Pym to level of curiosity on the minute dangers inside our realm whereas the Avengers are off attempting to place the universe, but its arrival between Avengers: Infinity Battle and Avengers: Endgame fashioned it accurate into a traumatic MCU entry that didn’t attain unprecedented to assuage the have to search out some resolution in the bigger Infinity Saga, so upon its free up it became as soon as treated as moderately a mere effort.

Considered as a healthful Disney and Marvel caper that stresses the importance of never giving up to your loved ones, your friends, or even your enemies, Ant-Man and the Wasp is a wonderfully delicate film to gape on a Saturday afternoon to your pajamas, and the MCU with out a doubt does want more movies fancy it.

21. Thor 

Are you able to watched that Thor is the first Marvel superhero to celebrity in a fourth solo film? Not even Iron Man did that. And it started with the fourth entry in the then-young MCU and the franchise’s first tubby-blown foray into nation-states (nine of them to be accurate) beyond this shrimp blue ball we’re doing our easiest to slay.

Thor isn’t a “huge” film, but it completely has a range of striking moments, introduces ideas fancy Asgard and alien technology being the foundation for human mythology, and factors knockout performances from breakout Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Chris Hemsworth because the God of Articulate himself. Marvel took one of its unlikeliest heroes severely, and opened the doorways for more to advance relief.

20. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel came at a barely inopportune time in the MCU. Wedged between Avengers: Infinity Battle and Avengers: Endgame, this ‘90s-house memoir is a sojourn relief to Marvel’s past to introduce a with out a doubt crucial persona and place some intergalactic lore. Whereas the film, directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, is a bit in all locations (severely: it’s onerous to buy many diagram crucial facets with out Wikipedia help), it’s onerous to argue that the MCU isn’t the next house with Carol Danvers in it. The Tesseract-powered Captain Marvel is with out a doubt a power to be reckoned with. 

19. Doctor Irregular

Doctor Irregular is a tale of two movies. The first is a straightforward superhero origin memoir, in which an arrogant goateed rich man is humbled by a traumatic damage and decides to use his appropriate intellect to enrich the enviornment moderately than trusty himself. Sound a bit fancy another Marvel origin memoir? Yeah, that’s form of the matter with the first half of Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Irregular. The second half, nonetheless, is a revelation. Once Stephen Irregular is fully entrenched because the Sorcerer Supreme this film becomes an exhilarating kaleidoscope of fracturing realities, culminating in a single of Marvel’s most creative boss battles.

18. Sad Widow

It came formula too slack (10 years after Natasha Romanoff’s introduction in Iron Man 2), but when Sad Widow’s standalone in the end arrived, it became as soon as nicely value it. Cate Shortland’s silly, family espionage actioner became as soon as a brand new flavor for Marvel and it gave Nat the send off she deserved.

Florence Pugh as Yelena, Nat’s estranged shrimp sister made a welcome addition to the MCU and her sparring and banter with Scarlett Johansson’s Nat became as soon as electrical because the 2 be half of forces with parent figures Alexei (David Harbour) and Melina (Rachel Weisz) to make your mind up on down one of many franchises most with out a doubt noxious baddies, a man so resolute in his hatred of females he tortures his hold daughter. Ok, things topple from the sky on the dwell, and okay, Ray Winstone does no longer nail a Russian accent, but Sad Widow is a ultimate all-rounder: an motion-packed, persona-driven romp with a female touch.

17. Ant-Man

The Ant-Man movies never appear to be very excessive up to your reasonable Marvel fan’s listing of favorites, they normally haven’t done the form of box place of job domination that Iron Man and Captain The US bear with their solo efforts, but they persevere regardless because they fully embody one key part that most other MCU installments don’t: they are with out a doubt family movies.

This healthful Paul Rudd-led caper, which follows ex-con Scott Lang’s attempts to be the next father to his daughter Cassie, is huge lighthearted and trusty appropriate damaged-down-fashioned relaxing for all ages, and Rudd is effortlessly charming in Ant-Man because the redemption-looking out for Lang, who moderately by chance becomes a teach-fixing superhero that other, wiser minds explore they with out a doubt prefer in their lives. Lang’s private troubles are when it comes to constantly rooted in the right world, and he stays grounded even when the universe throws its wildest ideas at him. Simply place: Lang is one of us, and we’re constantly happy to witness him. 

16. Iron Man 3

Nearly just a few decade after its free up, Iron Man 3 continues to be the most divisive film the MCU has to present, so it’s no longer ghastly to search out it in the center of this ranking: you on the total either love it or hate it! Following the disappointment that became as soon as Iron Man 2, Jon Favreau had departed because the franchise’s director, and Shane Sad became as soon as introduced in to jot down and helm Tony Stark’s third film, deciding to make a persona-centric motion flick the utilization of bits from Warren Ellis’s “Extremis” comedian e book arc.

Re-teaming with his Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director, Robert Downey Jr. regarded as if it’d be in his ingredient right here and took the persona of Tony Stark to surprising locations. However that harmful Mandarin sign became as soon as unacceptable to some, and Iron Man 3 is silent viewed by many as an MCU mis-step. 

15. Spider-Man: Homecoming 

Marvel Studios in the end nailed the intangible ingredient that no other Spider-Man film had managed to make your mind up on: Peter Parker and his friends are children. The triumph of Spider-Man: Homecoming is trusty as unprecedented about what a supreme supporting solid that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is surrounded with, a form of sunshine humor that feels completely pleasant to excessive schoolers, and a few noble Modern York City flavor.

Bolstered additional by Michael Keaton’s menacing Adrian Toomes, one of many most though-provoking villains the MCU has ever produced, you may well presumably well presumably almost neglect that Homecoming has the added bonus of Robert Downey Jr. showing up as Tony Stark to assist display cloak Peter the ropes. Iron Man is a welcome addition to the court cases, but in the slay, that is a film that shines in its smaller, more “apt neighborhood” moments.

14. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

It’s a total criticism to declare Marvel movies all gape and play the same. Neither of which would be additional from the truth when looking at James Gunn’s visually truthful and emotionally layered sequel. Indeed, the MCU never regarded cooler than in cinematographer Henry Braham’s weird detours by the galaxy, nor has it looked more private than in Gunn’s diorama of parent and grownup youngster dysfunction. The film’s melancholic core relating to the death of inferior fogeys affords the MCU with its most cathartic ending, and also sets up Nebula and Gamora to take Avengers movies from the Avengers. 

13. Spider-Man: Some distance From Dwelling

The MCU’s Spider-Man has constantly been a bit too corpulent-scale to be our “apt neighborhood” anything, however the franchise’s depiction of Peter Parker has shone easiest when he’s trusty being a youngster. Whereas no longer every excessive schooler is lucky sufficient to commute at some stage in Europe with their classmates, most of us bear been on a field day out, which makes Some distance From Dwelling’s pairing of excessive-stakes superhero shenanigans and a class day out so ingenious. Some distance From Dwelling strikes the supreme post-Endgame tone, melding Peter’s danger over shedding Tony and his conflict with Quentin Beck with a lighter exploration of stripling romance and friendship. Throw in a game-changing ending, and also you’ve the supreme film to terminate out Section 3. 

12. Captain The US: The First Avenger 

It appears that Captain The US: The First Avenger has seen something of a renaissance with followers in most up-to-date years. Perchance it’s attributable to how beautifully Avengers: Endgame place a cap on the Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter romance which became as soon as seeded on this film. Or perhaps it’s trusty due to this of us bear in the end realized that this film’s first half is as supreme a superhero origin memoir you’re ever doubtless to witness, encapsulating all of the factors of Cap’s golden age adventures with a nostalgic, excessive-creep flavor paying homage to the Indiana Jones flicks. Charming, unpretentious, and appropriate relaxing (trusty fancy Steve Rogers!) The First Avenger affords shrimp indication of trusty how a ways the MCU will decide its title persona, and feels more crucial now that you know the blueprint his memoir ends.

11. Spider-Man: No Scheme Dwelling 

Yes, Spider-Man: No Scheme Dwelling leaned into fan service perhaps more than another MCU installment earlier than it. However by bringing the most contemporary Peter Parker (Tom Holland) into the multiverse to crew up with the Spideys performed by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, No Scheme Dwelling both acknowledged Marvel’s fractured past as a film franchise whereas giving those versions of the persona — no longer to level out several of their villains — a upright coda to their hold studio-abandoned reports. As for Holland, he gave what would be one of many most though-provoking superhero film performances of all time — in a assorted world, he’d effortlessly be up for an Oscar.

10. Shang-Chi and The Myth of The Ten Rings

It’s ultimate the variation an correct villain can make. Whereas the MCU doesn’t bear “a villain self-discipline” in the formula it regular to, Sad Widow proved that Section 4 isn’t above making redundant (e.g. dull) superhero movies. However no longer on Tony Leung’s gape. The Hong Kong cinema story came into the MCU and made portraying a supervillain gape easy, bringing complexity to his portrayal of Ten Rings chief and Shang-Chi’s father Wenwu. Throw in a few of the crucial MCU’s easiest fight choreography in years and an exploration of Chinese diaspora, and also you’ve bought the most though-provoking MCU solo film since 2018’s Sad Panther

9. The Avengers 

They said it couldn’t be accomplished. However Marvel fastidiously laid the groundwork with 5 earlier movies, culminating on this groundbreaking and with out a doubt spectacular crew-up: a rip-roaring, persona-driven creep that introduced 50 years of comedian e book desires to the cloak. Notify what you are going to about whatever Joss Whedon is, but his innate recordsdata of the comics and suave writing, mixed with Marvel’s self belief in the premise and an all-celebrity solid that fully dedicated to the matter cloth, took the MCU to an total new level and proved that audiences would advance alongside for the skedaddle if they believed in the set up you were taking them. The Avengers did trusty that and adjusted the game forever.

8. Iron Man 

Without Iron Man, there may presumably well be no MCU. It’s an easy roar to make. Perchance a more though-provoking consideration, then, is to value that with out the MCU, Jon Favreau’s Iron Man would silent stand by itself as a mountainous cinematic creep. Extra so, even. Divorced from the formula which would soft and smother the edges of other successors, Favreau made wild decisions—none bigger than casting Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark.

Anchored by Downey’s incorrigible pleasure at being the main man again, there’s a giddy screwball energy to the formula the actors play off every other right here, and how Downey elevates the matter cloth with a human touch. In retrospect, it’s silent refreshing. 

7. Guardians of the Galaxy

2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy marks the starting up of what would be called Marvel’s “Operating Up the Ranking” period. At this level in the studio’s historic past it already had winning movies built round its A-listing characters and became as soon as readying the second Avengers crew-up effort, Age of Ultron. What better time to faucet dismay auteur James Gunn to repeat a condo-faring creep about some Marvel comedian nobodies? This teamup origin memoir featuring Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and more brings an amazing looking and a ways-wished Han Solo energy to the starting up Marvel’s outer dwelling technology.

6. Avengers: Infinity Battle

Even if Avengers: Endgame stormed into theaters a One year after Avengers: Infinity Battle’s free up and undid different its downbeat memoir factors, it’s onerous to neglect that feeling of sitting on the hours of darkness time in total shock because the credit rolled on Infinity Battle incandescent that, for as soon as, an MCU villain had been triumphant and killed off so many Marvel superheroes (and half the universe) with a straightforward snap of his fingers.

Truly, the blockbuster is merely a matter of looking at of us you already fancy advance in a string of scenes for over two and a half hours, but that doesn’t make the course of any much less advantageous, and that dwell fight against Thanos and his hordes may presumably bear been ripped straight from an Avengers match comedian. From the death of Vision, to our heroes’ regular attempts to thwart the Angry Titan, to the ghastly demise of Sad Panther, Spider-Man et al, Infinity Battle unveils an dwell sequence fancy no other. It’s silent a punch in the gut even now, and it’s onerous no longer to hit play on Endgame straight afterwards as a acquire of tonic to your danger.

5. Captain The US: Civil Battle 

In most cases much less of a Captain The US film than Avengers 2.5, Captain The US: Civil Battle asks you to grab a facet between two of the most neatly-most neatly-liked characters in comedian e book historic past and it makes great facets for selecting either, as Tony Stark collects collectively a came at some stage in family of superheroes trusty for co-parent Steve Rogers to be torn between making it “Sokovia Accords noble” or betray his values and the most fine brother he ever with out a doubt knew. Marvel’s first Section 3 film boasts a persona roster the likes of which an on a customary foundation motion film would wrestle with, but returning Iciness Soldier directors the Russo brothers make it all gape easy, and even throw the MCU introductions of Sad Panther and Spider-Man into the combo.

Extra than a rehearsal for their Infinity Battle and Endgame double bill, Civil Battle makes you gape a family of beloved but damaged folks topple apart earlier than your very eyes whereas Daniel Brühl’s villainous Helmut Zemo views the brawl passively from the sidelines, incandescent that whoever loses will in the slay make him the winner. 

4. Sad Panther 

Sad Panther is the most fine Marvel film to be nominated for Most though-provoking Image. That form of intense recognition both spotlights and obscures its cultural relevance. The first (past due) Marvel film to be led by a Sad superhero became as soon as straight away primary for elevating continually marginalized voices. However what Ryan Coogler, Chadwick Boseman, and firm did with that disclose is the set up it with out a doubt transcends.

Disguised as a superhero film, Sad Panther items a world allegory relating to the legacy of African diaspora, and a comedian e book e book drama the set up the supervillain’s motivations are painfully marvelous. When introduced to lifestyles by a kinetic solid, it becomes one of many most though-provoking movies of its genre.

3. Avengers: Endgame 

*Readers Preference!*

It became as soon as one of many most extremely anticipated movies of all time, and it delivered on that promise — and more than 20 movies’ value of story world-building and storytelling — in ideas that make it easy to witness why it grew to become the second-highest grossing film of all time. The finale to Marvel’s Infinity Saga didn’t trusty resolve the cliffhanger on the dwell of Avengers: Infinity Battle, but it completely concluded the journeys of several characters, alongside with Iron Man, Captain The US, and Sad Widow, whom the enviornment had grown to love over the earlier 11 years. Stuffed with warmth, big fan and persona moments, and an irresistible energy that made it trail by its three hours, Endgame became as soon as a righteous capstone to the MCU’s first decade.

2. Captain The US: The Iciness Soldier

The Iciness Soldier did what Iron Man 2 and Thor: The Darkish World may presumably no longer: make stronger on its predecessor. It helps that The First Avenger has one of these game-changing ending. Steve wakes up after 70 years in the ice to search out the enviornment he as soon as knew long past. In The Iciness Soldier, he have to grieve that incalculable loss whereas on the same time decide out how easiest to be a hero—processes he begins in 2012’s The Avengers but that accumulate blueprint more legend dwelling right here.

Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely brilliantly mix Steve’s particular person creep with factors of the survey thriller genre to request thematically rich questions relating to the failure of noxious establishments and the pliancy of patriotism. There bear been a range of keen MCU installments; The Iciness Soldier is the rare superhero film that has something deeper to declare about our world and the nature of energy in it.

1. Thor: Ragnarok

Within the most though-provoking Marvel movies, “Marvel” isn’t trusty the name of the studio but a stern describe. No superhero film inhabits Marvel’s want for its movies to be, nicely…marveled than Thor: Ragnarok. This third installment in the Thor sequence entirely reinvigorates Chris Hemsworth’s title persona and the MCU total.

As directed by the vivid Taika Waititi, that is a heavy steel album duvet of a film fit-to-bursting with colorful colours, hilarious gags, and thrilling motion house objects that make you feel much like you may well presumably well presumably also grab up Mjölnir, your self. Right here is superhero storytelling at its most reckless, relaxing, and free.

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