Marvel Wants a Stranger Things Star in Thunderbolts

Marvel Studios has one of the stars of Stranger Things in its sights . This is Sadie Sink , the actress who gives life to Max Mayfield in the hit Netflix series , who would be chosen to play a new character who would gain importance throughout Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Marvel Studios Spoilers team of moderators on Reddit has shared a rumor that, citing extremely reliable sources, states that Marvel Studios plans to introduce Songbird (Singing Bird) within the Thunderbolts movie , the meeting of antiheroes that will see the light of day in theaters in summer 2024 .

For this character, the team led by Kevin Feige has focused on Sadie Sink, the young star of Stranger Things who could follow the path of David Harbour , who after succeeding in the Netflix series giving life to Jim Hopper jumped to the UCM in Widow Black to play Alexei Shostakov, aka Red Guardian. A role that, by the way, Harbor will repeat in Thunderbolts where, if the signing of the young woman crystallizes, he would coincide again with Sink .

And this is not the only open connection between the series and Marvel Studios since Shawn Levy , director of ten chapters, will be responsible for Deadpool 3 in 2024 and Caleb McLaughlin , another of the young protagonists of Stranger Things, has applied to play to Miles Morales in Marvel’s superpowered franchise when the day comes when Marvel’s other Spider – Man joins the MCU .

Who Is Marvel’s Songbird?

The Songbird character made her debut as Screaming Mimi in Marvel Two-in-One #54 in August 1979 and was created by Mark Gruenwald, John Byrne, and… Ralph Macchio , yes, the Karate Kid lead. and the Cobra Kai series.

Under the real name of Melissa Gold , Songbird suffered a harsh upbringing with an alcoholic father and a jailed mother, and later a genetic alteration endowed her with special powers that turned her voice into a powerful weapon. Songbird has at her disposal such colorful abilities as echolocation and the ability to sing a mesmerizing song to locate and eliminate enemies. Also, by dint of her voice she can incapacitate almost any opponent, as she can create solid constructions out of sounds .

The anti-heroine/villain is also known for her peculiar hairstyle, featuring long white locks with red or pink streaks throughout her hair. Sadie Sink ‘s already iconic red hair would fit perfectly in this role and it is also ideal for recounting the beginnings of her character, since the actress is only 20 years old .

At the moment, Thunderbolts is in an early stage of development , though the team announced so far consists solely of MCU veterans like Florence Pugh (Yelena Belova/Black Widow II), Wyatt Russell (John Walker/US Agent), Hannah John-Kamen (Ava/Ghost), David Harbor (Red Guardian) and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss (Valentina Allegra de Fontaine), Olga Kurylenko (Taskmaster) and Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier).

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