Marvel’s Spider-Man Player Discovers Hidden Moment That Will Make You Cry

Marvel’s Spider-Man Player Discovers Hidden Moment That Will Make You Cry

Marvel’s Spider-Man may not be the newest Spider-Man game after Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was released last year, but it remains the best Spider-Man game not just on PS4 and PS5, but ever. In fact, some would argue it’s the best Marvel game ever and maybe even the best superhero game ever, though Batman: Arkham fans may take umbrage with the latter claim. That said, part of what makes Marvel’s Spider-Man so great is its story and characters, which are brought to the forefront of the experience with both over-the-top action moments, character relations-fueled drama, laugh-out-loud dialogue, and wholesome moments that will make many tear up. For the most part, all of these moments are impossible to miss as they are attached to the game’s mainline story beats. However, there are plenty of great, smaller moments that are easy to miss.

Taking to the game’s Reddit page, one player recently took a spotlight to one of these moments, revealing a moment that even many of the game’s most hardcore players had no clue it existed. More specifically, the player discovered a wholesome interaction on social media between Aunt May and Peter Parker, which, with context, is hard not to tear up reading.

Of course, this isn’t a brand new discovery, but if the many of the game’s most hardcore fans over on Reddit had no clue this existed, it’s safe to assume it’s a new discovery for a bulk of the game’s players.

“I’ve read the social feed a lot and never saw this somehow,” reads one of the post top comments. “Every time I play this I notice something new,” added another top comment. “Like the ‘Medical evacuation drone’ in Grand Central is the Goblin Glider. Or that Morgan Michaels is Morbius.”


In addition to a lot of surprise in the comments, there’s also plenty of sadness, or as one comment puts it, fans wondering why the OP is cutting onions.

All of that said, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think or, alternatively, hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. Did you know about this wholesome moment in Marvel’s Spider-Man?

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