Mass booking details of Vijay’s Beast movie in UK- Football Club Fans

There is a lot of talk about Vijay’s Beast movie. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, with much of the talk on the social networking site.

Kuwait and Malaysia problem

The teaser of the film was released on April 2 at 6 pm. Fans were at the celebration of the release of the teaser, and are still talking about the teaser.

It was at this time that the Kuwaiti government refused to screen the film Beast. The reason they refused to screen the film was because it was talking about extremism in the film.

There is talk that the film may be banned in Malaysia like these, so little fans are sad. Now comes the good news for anxious fans.

UK booking

Vijay’s Beast movie is making a big record in booking there. On the first day of booking, 152 shows were sold for Vijay’s Beast.

Only 61 shows have been booked for the KGF film to be released that day. Fans are celebrating that the Beast movie has received a great reception there.

Will there be a ban on the Beast movie in another important place following Kuwait? – Fans shock

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