Mass update for Commander 67 movie .. Sentiment watching Lokesh

Vijay is currently starring in the family sentimental story field in the Vamsi movement. The film is being shot in Hyderabad. Commander 66 is planning to release the film for Pongal so they are looking at the work casually without much pressure.

And every scene is said to be taken so well. And they are just now looking at and selecting each character for the film. Recently, it was reported that Prabhu and Sangeetha will be starring in the film.

With this, Vijay will be teaming up with Lokesh Kanagaraj in his 67th film. Currently Vikram is shooting with Lokesh Kanagaraj Kamal Haasan. The film is all set to release soon after completion of filming.

It is said that the puja of the film Commander 67 is scheduled to take place on October 3. In other words, the puja of Vijay Lokesh Kanagaraj’s biggest hit master film was put on October 3.

Thus Lokesh Kanagaraj is planning to hold the puja of the film on the same date with the same sentiment. The film is said to be a suspense thriller. The story of the film is all set by Lokesh Kanagaraj.

The director also says that only 6 months is enough to complete the film. Thus the other cast and actresses of the film will be released soon. Thus the next update of Commander 67 movie is to come for Vijay fans.

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