MasterChef SA season 4 Contestants list with photos: Here’s the Confirmed Full Contestant List For Masterchef SA


MasterChef SA season 4 Contestants list with photos: Here’s the Confirmed Fat Contestant List For Masterchef SA: MasterChef SA Season 4 is all place of residing to occur on M-Earn. Yes, you read it succesful that one amongst the most traditional and noted cooking shows is coming to entertain the viewers. The viewers are excitingly waiting for the camouflage. MasterChef South African Season 4 is scheduled to be aired on 28 February 2022 on M-Earn. Your complete cooking fanatics are taking a seek for forward to watching the camouflage. It is the fourth season of the camouflage, in the starting place, the camouflage used to be aired on 20 March 2012 on M-Earn. Every time, the camouflage has bought grand adore and appreciation from the viewers. The list of the contestants for season 4 is out now. In this article, you are going to receive the total recordsdata about the upcoming season so quit tuned. Apply More Change On

MasterChef SA season 4 Contestants list with photos

We could prefer to inform you that the makers of the camouflage launched season 4 on 17 August 2021 that this could maybe be aired in February 2022. Just no longer too long previously, M-Earn made the announcement revealing that the camouflage is determined to be telecast on 28 February 202 at 6 pm, Monday to Friday. Since the date of the telecast has been published, the viewers strive to search out details about the contestants and heaps of others.

Masterchef SA Contestants List

As per the sources, a total of 20 contestants are going to take part in the camouflage.  All 20 contestants are effectively-settled in their real profession but now, they’re place of residing to investigate cross-check their hands in cooking for which they’re coming to the noted cooking camouflage MasterChef SA. The participants for the fourth season are arriving on the camouflage from across South Africa, old between 19 to 49. Each one amongst them belongs to a host of professions in conjunction with a marine biologist, an art auctioneer, entrepreneur, dentist, and heaps of others. The list of the contestants are given under:

  1. Alicia Nicola, old 32 from Cape Metropolis. She is an Promoting Creative Director. She described herself as a quintessential foodie.
  2. Andriette De la Harpe, age 33 from Cape Metropolis. She is an entrepreneur. She could be a educated classical singer. She likes to cook dinner with her dad
  3. Chairmaine Govender-Koen, age 39 from Cape Metropolis. She is self-employed. She belongs to a substantial Indian family in Durban. Cooking is consistently a substantial component for her.
  4. Dedre “Didi” Stols, old 30 from Langebaan. She is an art Auctioneer. She believes that her first adore is food.
  5. James Ovendale, old 19 from Cape Metropolis. He is a extinct student. He is the youngest contestant of this season. He started cooking at the age of seven.
  6. Lisa Kayster, old 26 from Cape Metropolis. She is a human sources consultant. She stated that a kitchen is a delighted situation for her. Her signature dishes are crumbed mushrooms and Cape Malay chicken curry.
  7. Luyanda Mafanya, old 27 from Johannesburg. She is a non-public cook dinner and also a food blogger. In brief, she is a food influencer on social media platforms.

Masterchef SA Contestants List with Photos

  1. Alicia Nicola
Alicia Nicola

2. Udhir ‘Dr Harri’ Harrinarain

Udhir ‘Dr Harri’ Harrinarain

3. Tembisa Jordaan

Tembisa Jordaan

4. Tasnim Jadwat

Tasnim Jadwat

5. Sylvie Hurford

Sylvie Hurford

6. Sylvie Hurford

Sylvie Hurford

7. Simphiwe ‘Sims’ Kubeka

Simphiwe ‘Sims’ Kubeka

8. Silindokuhle ‘Sli’ Moroke

Silindokuhle ‘Sli’ Moroke

9. Shawn Godfrey

Shawn Godfrey

10. Ontiretse ‘Onti’ Molloyi

Ontiretse ‘Onti’ Molloyi

11. Onezwa Mbola

Onezwa Mbola

12. Mohammed Haffejee

Mohammed Haffejee

13. Matthew Arnott

Matthew Arnott

14. Masedi Mabe

Masedi Mabe

15. Luyanda Mafanya

Luyanda Mafanya

16. Lisa Kayster

Lisa Kayster

17. James Ovendale

James Ovendale

18. Dedre ‘Didi’ Stols

Dedre ‘Didi’ Stols

19. Charmaine Govender-Koen

Charmaine Govender-Koen

20. Andriette De la Harpe

Andriette De la Harpe

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