Prepare to launch in a brand-new adult animated funny entitled, The Healthcare Facility. Amazon Studios revealed today that they’ve gotten the series to be honing scalpels and preparing defibrillators for 2 seasons. However there’s a twist! This hospital-based series will happen aboard an alien spaceship with the cosmetic surgeons being 2 BFF alien physicians. Boasting a top-tier lineup of singing skill, the series will star the similarity Maya Rudolph, Natasha Lyonne, Kieran Culkin, Keke Palmer, Greta Lee, and artist Sam Smith. Russian Doll and Big Mouth writer Cirocco Dunlap developed the series and will likewise compose it.

The Healthcare Facility will focus its story on Dr. Sleech (Lee) and Dr. Klak (Palmer). 2 of the best cosmetic surgeons in deep space, the series will see the duo taking on a few of the most difficult medical cases in between the stars. While Dr. Klak stands apart with her several eyes, Dr. Sleech rocks the slimy tail of a lizard. Klak is the more compassionate of the 2, taking excellent care of her kids — a huge collection of sentient plants — and investing her leisure time choosing apart her previous failures while Sleech has more of a devil-may-care mindset, taking unsafe threats however constantly coming out on top due to her smarts.


Lyonne will depict Nurse Tup. A fan of all things condition, Tup has the skin of a chameleon and personality-wise will move from an overall hater to a lifesaver at the drop of a hat. Rudolph’s voice will be heard as a 20,000-year-old robotic called Dr. Vlam. Although Vlam has actually been around for a fair bit longer than the others, she’s still stuck as an intern. This might be because in the previous she’s ferreted out other chances with tasks consisting of king, burglar, and stay-at-home mommy of 500. The part of Dr. Plowp will go to Culkin. Plowp is not just a cosmetic surgeon however likewise a deeply psychological alien who, as an empath, can detect everybody’s vibes. He’s likewise going through the phases of the age of puberty, however as an adult, and has a rocky relationship with Sleech. Lastly, Smith will star as Dr. Azel, an extremely revered cosmic cosmetic surgeon who doesn’t rather guide morals however does comprehend a great pedicure for all 6 of his feet.

Dunlap serves the series as showrunner and executive manufacturer along with Animal Pictures’ Rudolph, Lyonne, and Renfrew Behrens. Titmouse’s Shannon Prynoski, Chris Prynoski, Antonio Canobbio, and Ben Kalina will complete the executive production group with the program’s artist Robin Eisenberg co-producing and signing up with as production designer.

With such a stacked cast and extremely amusing property for a series, not to discuss an extremely effective name in composing penning everything, Prime Video is most likely to be pleased with their two-season order of The Healthcare Facility. Since today, no release date has actually been set, however remain tuned to Collider for more details.