MGR and Shivaji are the perfect match for both .. the honor bestowed on the legendary actress

Those who ruled Tamil cinema in the 60s and 70s were MGR and Shivaji. Until now, Tamil cinema has not seen an actor to compensate for these two actors. But MGR, Shivaji is an actress who has shown her talent by starring in more films with these two actors.

During that time there was fierce competition among the actresses to act as the heroine in the films of these two actors. And if the actress is given an agreement, she can work for at least three or four years.

So MGR, an actress who acted with Sivaji has given many hit films. She is none other than Kannada Bingley, Abhinaya Saraswati Saroja Devi. Saroja Devi has acted with MGR in almost 25 films from 1958 to 1967.

Affection after justice, big space girl, do not steal, I swear, this includes many hit films such as House child, rich family, flying bird. Their chemistry was well received by fans.

Similarly, Saroja Devi has acted in many films with actor Tilak Shivaji Ganesan. The duo have co-starred in over 20 films including Milk-Fruit, Partition, Temple Bell, Wax, Kalyani’s Husband, Oncemore.

Saroja Devi also came to the shooting spot with the honor of being the heroine in MGR and Shivaji films. He was also honored with the Dr. Shivaji Ganesan Award on his 92nd birthday.

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