MGR, Jayalalithaa did not even listen to the doctor .. Two deadly food that caused death

A few habits have the potential to change our lives for the better. Some habits destroy us just as good habits make a man. It can also be our eating habits.

People Tilak MGR cannot be easily forgotten by the people. One who starts acting in films and holds an indestructible place for himself in people. He entered active politics in the 1960s and played a key role in the ruling DMK. He then ruled the AIADMK alone from 1972 until his death and introduced many good projects to the people.

Non-vegetarian actor M.G.R. Always loves fish and egg dishes. However, after the bomb exploded in his throat, many changes began to take place in his body. Doctors later denied him eating fish-like foods after he suffered a heart attack. But the MGR, which did not follow suit. He lost his life to a heart attack.

Jayalalithaa was the leader of the party after the AIADMK MGR. He started acting and gained great fame by starring in many films with MGR. He was a flag bearer in the cinema, starting small campaigns after the MGR party started and later became the Chief Minister after him.

He always loves foods like chocolate and ice cream. The man, who was skinny at the time of the introduction, even started to get a little physically fit by his eating habits. It also caused him to become obese after entering politics. This is what later took his life.

He was at the forefront of Tamil Nadu politics and had done many good things for the people of Tamil Nadu. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

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