MGR who threw Wally’s song .. Vairamuthu who put the matter

Many of the actors in Tamil cinema in the early days acted without any hindrance in matters related to the film. But if a large fan base comes to him or if he gets the status of a mass actor, they will start to interfere in the affairs of the film a little bit.

They will say that this scene in the film should be like this and the composer should compose like this. Not only that, but there are those who say that the lyricist should write the song as he sees fit. There are also incidents where he was attacked by a rival actor and told to write songs.

But on the contrary an interesting piece of information has now come out about the extent to which MGR has treated Shivaji, who was his rival. Shivaji and MGR were the two poles of cinema in those days.

Like Kamal and Rajini, they had a huge fan base. In real life, Shivaji and MGR became good friends despite their rivalry over the film. An incident like that once happened while starring in a film called MGR Foundation.

Poet Wali wrote the song for the film. Then the Lord had written before the command what my foundation was. MGR got angry when he saw the lyrics and threw away the paper.

Because that’s when Shivaji starred in the film Lord Command. MGR is very angry because Wally wrote a song like this to attack him. Poet Vairamuthu narrated this incident in an interview.

This incident is an example of their friendship. By this it seems that MGR had a lasting love affair with Shivaji. And MGR often praises him for saying that no one can act like Shivaji.

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