Mike Mohan hates big space.

Actor Mohan, who rose to prominence as a leading actor in the eighties, left cinema after starring in the 2008 film Suttappalam. Now after a long hiatus he is back as the protagonist in Vijay Sri directed film Hara.

Khushboo has teamed up with Mohan. It seems that it will be a suspense thriller, if you look at the teaser of this film which was recently released on Tamil New Year. Mohan has worked hard for this film.

Mohan, who was then a rival to Rajini and Kamal, had been away from the film industry for many years. He starred in a few films but did not make a name for himself on a large scale. Thus he himself avoided acting in the film. Thus his fans were waiting for Mohan’s re-entry.

Accordingly, it is now expected that the next big round in Tamil cinema will come with this Hara film. In this situation, a big party in Tamil Nadu is spreading the net for Mohan. Somehow our flag should fly in Tamil Nadu.

Mohan Nadi wants to bend actors like this. But Mohan escaped, saying, ‘I’m in trouble then, I’m going to get in trouble now.’ But some are whispering whether Mike Mohan hates political celebrities.

So with the same intention, actor Mohan, if he continues his journey in cinema and chooses his favorite storyline, is more likely to retain his existing fan base and build a round in Kollywood.

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