Mira Kapoor thinks this Shahid Kapoor song is ‘very underrated’, refuses to answer ‘very wrong’ question in new YouTube video


Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Kapoor launched her YouTube channel last month. Now, she has released a video titled Derive to Know the Right Me, wherein she answered some typically asked questions. From revealing her favorite song that contains Shahid to the say she needs to discuss with with, Mira kept her fans engaged along with her solutions.

In the video, Mira published that being on a flight with Shahid is particular. She acknowledged, “That’s the one time we rep to the truth is chat without telephones, any imprint, text messages or disturbance… That one time when our time is every moderately deal of’s.” And, if she is travelling alone, Mira likes to read a book and listen to tune.

Responding to a ask about her favorite Shahid song, she acknowledged, “It’s ‘Bismil’ from Haider. I the truth is enjoy that it’s meta-theatre and it’s one amongst my favorite songs. I retain telling him, please attain this another time on a pronounce. I believe it’s very, very underrated, and it offers me goosebumps whenever I learn about the video and listen to the song.”

Mira moreover published that she has never been to Kashmir and desires to discuss with with. She moreover spoke at dimension about her enjoy for jewellery, and her desire to learn Urdu. Adore many younger folks who grew up in Delhi, her favorite childhood memory is visiting India Gate and blowing bubbles of liquid soap.

All the top seemingly design during the video, Mira became moreover asked to stipulate ‘house’ for her two kids, Misha and Zain. She acknowledged, “I desire house to be a stable say for them, the effect they would possibly perhaps perhaps perhaps even be themselves. I desire them to feel at house with us, wherever we’re.”

Lastly, when she became asked about her favorite cuisine, Mira refused to present an reply. “It’s a extraordinarily, very contemptible ask to query attributable to I am a vital foodie.” She moreover refused to recount her balk binge pronounce and signed off, announcing, “We’re getting too deep.”

The video purchased moderately deal of enjoy from her fans, and moderately deal of them called Mira “swish and humble”. One fan commented on her video, “Thankyou for keeping it exact!!! Very few folks retain it exact & you’re one amongst them. As shahid says retain it exact & develop it count..you’re for certain doing it.🥰” One more added, “She has this sort of humble persona..”

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