Mishkin’s three favorite actresses .. then what’s the only joke

Miskin, who made his directorial debut in Tamil cinema in 2006 with Chithram Pesuthadi, has since become a fan-favorite director with films with different storylines such as Anjathe, Nandalala, War, Wolf and Lamb, Detective and Psycho.

In particular, the devil film directed by Miskin was well received by the fans. If you look at the ghost in his ghost movie, Miskin’s unique story will be talked about to a large extent by the audience, rather than by the fear.

To that extent every scene of the film would have been beautifully taken. That is why many actors and actresses want to act in Mishkin’s film. Miskin shared some information about the upcoming Devil 2 movie in motion.

Many actresses have acted in your films then. But who are your favorite actresses? As the question was asked. Miskin replied, ‘Bhavana is the one who impressed me the most with the actors I work with. Very talented actress. As soon as he said that he would finish acting as much as I expected.

Similarly, actress Poorna will act like camphor in any role. After that, Nithya Menon will act whatever she is told to do, ”Miskin said in a recent interview.

Usually if any other actor or director is asked this question they will definitely deal with the elusive. But Mishkin’s bold statement is greatly appreciated by fans. Some, however, teased Miskin that he was jolly with his favorite actresses.

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