Miskin teaser that smashed the expectations of the devil-2 .. Andrea in murder!

Following the success of the film Psycho, director Mishkin is currently directing the second part of the Devil film. The first part of this has already come out in 2016 and has intimidated many fans. The second part of the series, which will be released a few years later, is currently in the pipeline.

The director has already said that Andrea has been given a very powerful character in this film which stars Andrea, Poorna, Santosh Pratap among others. Also in the film Andrea starred in a nude scene that lasted almost fifteen minutes.

This news has been causing a stir on the screen for the last few months. Also, some photos released in this regard went viral. So the anticipation on this film is even higher among the fans.

The director also said that many of the scenes in the upcoming horror film will shock the fans and the ghost scenes will be terrifying. The teaser of the film has been released.

Fans who have been eagerly waiting for this teaser for a few days now are watching it and saying that each of the scenes is good with Karthik Raja’s background music. Even more so when you look at Andrea it shows how frantically she has acted in this film.

The story seems to be about how a family trapped by a ghost suffers while watching the teaser. Fans have been saying that this teaser, which is not as much as the fans expected, is currently in limbo.

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