Mohan is getting ready to dance the next Rudrathanthavam .. Killadi actor who will clash with Selvaragavan

Director Mohan G started his journey with the film Old Washermenpet and got everyone’s attention with films like Draupadi and Rudrathanthavam. The last film he directed, Rudrathanthavam, caused a great deal of controversy.

Many were eagerly anticipating what kind of story he was going to direct next following that film. In this case he has announced an important announcement about his next film on his social media sites.

He has announced that his next creation will start with Pooja and the name of the film will be Pakasooran. Also, director Selvaragavan is going to play the hero in this film. Selvaragavan, who has amazed us as a director, has been focusing on acting lately.

In that sense his performance in the currently released Beast movie has given him a good identity. The announcement of his next film has made the fans happy as he is already getting ready for the release of the Sani paper film in which he has already acted.

The film also stars actor Natty Natraj in a pivotal role alongside Selvaraja. He was famous as a cinematographer in languages ​​including Tamil and Hindi and has now acted in many films like Chess Hunt and Our Home Child.

He last starred in Dhanush’s Karnan and has since joined the alliance. As the name of the film has surpassed everyone’s expectations, fans are eagerly waiting to see the performance of Selvaragavan and Natty Natraj in the film.

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