Money Heist: Alvaro Morte reveals bizarre ‘tricks and rituals’ he had to play The Professor

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It’s been nearly three weeks that Cash Heist brought curtains down on its four-year-long streak. Nonetheless that hasn’t affected its massive fandom. Dali masks, crimson jumpsuits and characters’ props amongst several other facets from the Spanish crime drama continue to reverberate with the target market.

One such reveal that’s left an indelible imprint has been The Professor’s glasses. Alternatively there’s extra to actor Alvaro Morte having fun with the section. From his body language to garments, all the pieces about the mastermind became as soon as intricately designed, making him a peculiar persona. And this has been printed in the documentary titled ‘Cash Heist: Tokyo to Berlin’ that’s currently streaming on Netflix.

The methodology The Professor twitched his glasses were the high point of the persona.

A fraction of the documentary unearths the “tricks and rituals Alvaro conducted to turn into The Professor.” In the initiating, he listened to Gillespie’s “A Night in Tunisia” because it got him “into the groove that The Professor has going.” He also had a strategy of dressing up for the persona. The issues he talked about in the documentary might presumably also sound weird, but he talked about they’re significant to him.

“Till I even absorb my sneakers on, I won’t pull up my pants. Then I set aside my belt on. With my pants up but not fastened, I pull on my shirt, invent the buttons. After that comes the tie which I leave undone. Then I roll up my shirt sleeves, and after that I manufacture the knot on my tie which has to be at the exact characteristic. I on occasion tie it 7-8 times till it’s perfect, for the reason that tip of the tie has to drop precisely midway over the belt buckle,” he shared.

Actor Pedro Alonso who performs Berlin, also printed in his thunder-over, the three ‘tricks’ that Alvaro aged for his persona. While all of us know the scheme Alvaro saved touching his glasses, but he also shared that The Professor would always set aside them on them with each and every the fingers. Constant with Alvaro, his glasses are “love a mask on the Professor’s disguise because he always hides tiresome them.”

Furthermore, his hand gestures while speaking were tad diverse. He aged his thumb to point because, in Alvaro’s phrases, “he’s a convoluted guy. He’s a man who hides what’s if truth be told inside of him.” Lastly, Alvaro talked about The Professor became as soon as unheard of extra hunched when the lisp debuted because he’s “self-absorbed”. His abet straightened slowly depicting the self belief his persona won as the memoir moved forward. The most he held his posture aesthetic became as soon as when he walked within the Bank of Spain in the closing season.

“That’s how weird Professor is. That’s how weird Alvaro Morte is,” Alvaro talked about with fun.

La Casa De Papel or Cash Heist had a winning finale lately, when the gang of robbers managed to sneak out the gold from the Bank of Spain disguising the police division, and below the management of the man essential – The Professor. The series ran between 2017 and 2021, last amongst the most watched presentations on Netflix one day of.


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