Money Heist Korea first look teaser: The Professor reaches out for his Dali mask, Netflix reveals full cast. Watch


Countdown to Money Heist’s Korean adaptation has begun. Netflix on Tuesday launched the first explore teaser of the significant-awaited remake, additionally revealing your entire cast of robbers along with head of interrogation. We demand adrenaline urge of some extent out, at par with the real Spanish model.

Actor-model-filmmaker Yoo Ji-tae who performs the mastermind, The Professor (first and most fundamental portrayed by Álvaro Morte), is considered in his hideout room, as a entire lot of masks are placed on the wall. He goes and picks one which happens to be a Salvador Dali cowl, one amongst the most fundamental symbols and a part of the apparel venerable by the robbers.

For the uninitiated, Yoo Ji-tae is a most standard establish in Korea, being a part of projects like Seven Days, Ode to My Father, Misplaced and Mistresses, other than The S3/44ndlers, Money, Svaha: The Sixth Finger and Kim Yunjin.

The video additionally shows actor Kim Yunjin as Woojin from the Assignment Power Team facing the interrogation crew of the heist, reminding us of Raquel Murillo from Money Heist. She’s at work internal her interrogation tent and seems as fiery as Spanish megastar Itziar Ituno within the real.

The point out comes with the title ‘Money Heist: Korea‘ within the video, as others from the central cast are published. Whereas Jun Jong Seo will play Tokyo, Kim Ji Hoon will play Denver’s part. Jang Yoon Ju will doubtless be considered as Nairobi, Lee Hyun Woo as Rio, amongst others like Lee Gained Jong (Moscow), Kim Ji Hun (Helsinki) and Lee Kyu Ho (Oslo).

Netflix had in April final year announced the Korean adaptation of its blockbuster point out, additionally unveiling a entire lot of participants of the forged. Actor Park Hae Soo, contemporary from the success of Squid Game will salvage into the shoes of one amongst its most authorized characters — Berlin.

Park had regarded in a teaser final month, on the sidelines of Netflix’s fan match. In some unspecified time in the future of an interview with The Swoon, he referred to as real actor Pedro Alonso’s model of Berlin as more “stylish and cool-blooded”. Park opined that Berlin “has a factual reason within the aid of being cool and swaying into being a villain.” He published that within the K-drama “fans will salvage to explore a more human model of Berlin.”

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