Money is their motto

Meanwhile, the BJP government, which is now firmly entrenched in other North Indian states, has not been able to establish a large presence in South India. Despite taking power in Karnataka due to the political situation, Tamil Nadu has so far been unable to get even a single member of the state assembly.

Ilayaraja and actor-director Bakiyaraj, two of the biggest cinema legends here, recently spoke in praise of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Ilayaraja had written a foreword in a book saying that Ambedkar and Modi are one. It aroused many criticisms.

Speaking in support of Ilayaraja on the issue, Bakiaraja said, “Critics of Modi are born prematurely.” This is in direct opposition to many Tamil Nadu politicians.

Some political commentators have been blaming the BJP for the tactic behind it. They criticize the BJP government for not being able to make a big impact here directly through politicians and for deciding to face the parliamentary elections, which are projecting famous and popular faces through cinema.

The party had already approached movie stars like Parthiban, Vishal and Samuthirakani. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. They are said to have negotiated several crores of rupees to join the party.

The BJP government is currently being criticized for making these efforts as a weapon for the next election. Similarly, it is well known that the party has already done work through famous actors in other states. Suresh Gopi in Kerala, Akshay Kumar in Hindi, Kajol, etc. Celebrities in the state of the election is what happened.

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