Monster actress Manju Warrior’s life in danger! Abducted? The director who caused the stir

The famous director’s statement that Malayalam actress Manju Warrier’s life is in danger has caused a stir in the film industry. The question arises as to whether he was abducted.

Manchu Warrior

Manju Warrier, a leading actress in Malayalam, married actor Dileep and left the cinema. She made a re-entry into cinema after her divorce and is currently back in the lead.

He acted opposite Dhanush in the Tamil film Asuran.


Malayalam director Chanal Kumar on his Facebook post Manju Warrier is in the grip of some crooks. I posted about it on social media for several days and did not get a reply. I told him the name of his managers and the reason why he was abducted. But so far there has been no response.

This record of the director has taken the top place in Malayalam cinema.

Keerthi Suresh who hit the lead actor in the face .. Do you know what happened after that

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