Sony has actually seen a great deal of success with their theatrical movies recently with the similarity Spider-Man: No Chance House, Uncharted, and Morbius being the highlights. Nevertheless, among their most underrated gems that came out in 2015 was Ghostbusters: Afterlife. That movie made practically $200 million at the around the world box office and, at CinemaCon last month, Sony validated that Ghostbusters 5 remained in the works. Now, in an unique interview with Due date, Sony Chairman Tom Rothman validated that more Ghostbusters movies remain in the works also.

The response was an easy “yes” when Due date asked particularly if there would be more Ghostbusters, however here is Rothman’s specific quote:

Yes, we will. We have lots of franchise universes with which to run in, however considering that I have Due date here, I wish to state, and please include this, OK? Everybody will state, yeah you did $3 billion however it’s all follows up and superheroes. It was not all that. There was As soon as Upon a Time… in Hollywood and Little Women. This summer, we’ve got Bullet Train, from David Leitch, with Brad Pitt, a pure initial, R-rated rock ‘em, sock ‘em action movie for adults. And Where the Crawdads Sing, a big bestseller with an up-and-coming starlet, Daisy Edgar Jones, for women. I definitely think that women will return to package office.

While this might indicate anything in regards to what stories they might inform in the Ghostbusters universe, it is simply good to hear that Sony worths Ghostbusters as much as they do a franchise like Spider-Man. Specifically after Ghostbusters: Afterlife which brought a good breath of fresh scary air to the franchise. How it honored both the late Harold Ramis and Ivan Reitman was simply splendidly genuine. The movie likewise based on its own as this enjoyable coming-of-age story with capitivating characters that revived the more horror-centric components of the franchise. That is something that hasn’t actually been seen considering that the very first Ghostbusters in 1984.


We still don’t understand what the 5th movie will have to do with or who it will follow, however it is a sure thing that it will see the Ghostbusters back in New york city as they reconstruct their brand name as teased in among Afterlife’s post credit scenes. Ideally, this implies that the initial Ghostbusters will be partnering with Egon’s granddaughter Phoebe, played by the fantastic Mckenna Grace, who took the program in the last movie.

It will be amazing to see what the brand-new Ghostbusters movies will appear like after this upcoming 5th entry. Perhaps this will be the start of the Ghostbusters having several groups outside simply New york city. In comics terms it might be like the West Coast Avengers or Titans East for the Ghostbusters franchise. It’s all speculation at this moment, however there is a great deal of capacity for the tradition of deep space to be checked out more in these approaching jobs. In the 4 movies as much as this point, the surface area of the spirit world of Ghostbusters has actually just been scratched.

Up until we find out more particular info about the future of the Ghostbusters franchise, you can check out Rothman’s complete Due date interview. You can likewise stream Ghostbusters: Afterlife on STARZ today.