Most of the Spanish series on Netflix do not exceed three weeks in the top ten in Spain

Most of the Spanish series on Netflix do not exceed three weeks in the top ten in Spain

Netflix reigned in 2022 as the leader in Spanish series , with a total of 15 released, thus far surpassing Movistar Plus +, Amazon Prime Video and ATRESplayer PREMIUM (9). Among them, Holy Family, Welcome to Eden, The longest night, Soul, Those in the last row or Once upon a time… but not anymore. 

However, the streaming platform is having a hard time hitting the key so that its series achieve the approval of the audience. And it is that  most of its original Spanish series  does not exceed three weeks in the top ten in Spain. Something that should be relatively easy, given that, for example, no one lives here sneaks in many times.

Of the originals, only Intimidad manages to sneak in the top 10 in Spain for more than five weeks . Not even Elite , which with its season 5 spends five weeks and with its last season it stays in four, achieves something like that. Elite is also, together with Bienvenidos a Eden , the only two of its original series that have managed to lead the ranking in Spain, even if it was only for a week.

Other original Netflix series that have managed to get into the top ten in Spain are Las de la ultima fila , with five; Smiley, If I Had Known , Holy Family, The Heirs of the Earth,  The Longest Night and Alpha Males , with three; Alma and Santo, with two; and Fair: the darkest light, and You are not special , with 1.

Curiously, the two  Spanish series with the most weeks in the Spanish top 10 are two third-party fictions: Entrevias and Alba , with 7 weeks each. Alba also managed to hold out for three weeks at number one. It is also remarkable that the second season of Toy boy managed to last four weeks.

Difficult to create phenomena

Taking these data into account, it does not seem strange that internationally the outlook is even more bleak for the platform’s original Spanish series. In this case, only  Elite ,  Welcome to Eden and Intimacy  manage to hold out for more than three weeks; the first two five weeks and the third four.

Series such as If I Had Known (3), The Longest Night (3), Sagrada Familia (2), Alma (2), Los heirs de la tierra (2), Machos Alfa (2),  also managed to sneak into the ranking . Holy (1) and Fair: the darkest light (1).

At the international level, it is also a series from a third party that manages to sneak in the top ten for the most weeks. It is also Alba , the adaptation of the Turkish Fatmagül. For its part, Entrevias achieved five weeks, Mentiras two and the second season of Toy Boy up to three.

The paradigmatic case of ‘Toy Boy’

Paradigmatic is the case of Toy Boy . And it is that, despite its lack of promotion , the premiere of the second season last February managed to sneak in as the third most watched series in the world in its second week with 23.8 million accumulated hours.

The fiction starring Jesús Mosquera, Cristina Castaño and Maria Pedraza was only surpassed by the unbeatable Korean Estamos muertos , with 62 million accumulated hours, and the remake of the Colombian Cafe con aroma de mujer , with 39.7 million hours.

In total, the fiction of Plano a Plano would accumulate 52 million hours and three weeks in the world top. Much more than any other series on the platform. It was only surpassed by the fifth season of Elite (172M), Welcome to Eden (140M), the sixth season of Elite (121M) and Intimacy (73M).

Likewise, the first season of Toy Boy, which was already a phenomenon in its day, climbed to number five worldwide with 21.4 million hours. In the previous week, these chapters already reached fifth position with 18.2 million hours.


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