Mother is mother, there is no one in the world like mother: Akshara Singh

Katra (Amit) – Famous Bhojpuri film actress Akshara Singh attended the court of Vaishno Devi on Friday. He made the journey from Katra to Sanjhichhat by helicopter in the morning. Reaching the Bhawan on foot from there, Mother Bhagwati bowed down in front of the natural villages and after receiving blessings, returned to Katra by helicopter.

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In an interview with ‘Jag Bani’, Akshara Singh said that he is not on a very big stage but the place he is on today, all the credit goes to his parents and viewers who have given him so much love. . He said that he has always been blessed by Mata Rani. Recalling the struggles of his career, he said that at one time it was very painful. During that time she came to see Mata Rani. After ascending and attending the court of mother Vaishno Devi, all the troubles came to an end. He said that mother is mother, there is no one in the world like mother.

Vaishno Devi gives a different direction to the journey each time

Akshara Singh said that every time she comes to the court of Vaishno Devi, her life goes in a different direction. I get a lot from Mother Bhagwati’s Darbar, which is very difficult to describe in words. Whenever Mother Vaishno Devi calls me, I cancel all the plans and leave for Yatra.

Beginning of his film career in 2011

Akshara Singh said that she started her film career in 2011 with the film ‘Satyamev Jayate’. Since then he has acted in many Bhojpuri films as well as many TV shows. Also. Also worked in serials. He said. T. Also. Sony’s ‘black vaccine’ Also. He has acted in many serials including ‘Service Wali Bahu’ and ‘Bigg Boss’. He said that every day he has the opportunity to learn something new.

There will be a lot of movie and song releases in the coming days

Akshara said that songs including many Bhojpuri films will be released in the coming days. She dedicates one hymn to Mata Rani every year. He also sang a hymn in front of Mata Rani.

New actors always relying on their hard work

Sending a message to the newcomers in the film industry, Akshara Singh said that new actors should always believe in their hard work and work hardest.

I will come again and again to the court of Mother Vaishno Devi

Akshara Singh said that if she was given the opportunity to visit Mother Vaishno Devi, she would come again and again to pay her respects at her court.

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