Mother Soni was emotional on the parting of daughter Alia

Mumbai –The daughter is the pride of every home, the identity of every parent. When a daughter is born at home, there is an atmosphere of happiness in the whole house. Because Lakshmi comes home as a daughter. There, when the daughter’s doli is gone, the light of that house goes out. This is the most difficult time for a mother. When she sends her daughter from her home to another house. An actress Soni Rajdan has also passed away.


Sonali Rajdan’s Ladli and actress Alia Bhatt got married to Ranbir Kapoor on April 14. There is the joy of daughter’s marriage on the face of Soni Rajdan on one side and the sadness of Dolly on the other. That’s why Soni shared a heart touching post on social media as soon as she sent her daughter’s dolly. This post is about love for his daughter and Ranbir Kapoor. They have shared a picture of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia. In the picture, Alia is seen saying something in Ranbir’s ear.


With this picture, Soni Rajdan wrote: “It is said that when you send a daughter, you take a son. I say I have a wonderful son and a family. My lovely baby girl is always with us. Ranbir and Alia started a new life together with a lot of love and happiness. Your dear mother


4 years ago, Soni Rajdan sent his daughter Alia as a bride in a dolly. But the only difference is that it was real life and now it is done in real life. Soni Rajdan had bid farewell to Alia in the film ‘Razi’. In an interview, he said that people need glycerin in the film to make them cry but it seemed to me that I was sending my daughter to Sajjam.

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