MS Bhaskar who could not win in his youth .. A record made before Bhagwati

Talents are many and many cannot be easily conquered in cinema. Even if the characters are set as mentioned in one or two films, they will disappear from the cinema without any chance to continue acting. There is another type. Starting acting at a young age and not having the right characters will set up opportunities and good characters after adulthood. After such an old age, the actor who is now playing the leading supporting roles in Tamil cinema is Mr. MS Bhaskar.

Bhaskar, who started his artistic journey as a theater actor, made his acting debut in the film industry by starring in a rewarding film, Mrs. Visu. Later he acted in minor roles in some films. Eager only to act, he has been starring in a number of series from the big screen to the small screen since the 1990s. So the series he starred in was Little Daddy Big Daddy which aired on Sun TV. The series, which aired on Sun TV in the early 2000s, was the first to give MS Bhaskar a recognition as an actor.

In the meantime, he worked as a dubbing artist in films as he had a good voice. He started giving voice to actor Brahmanandam around 1990 and still sounds like his voice till now. He has also provided background vocals in English blockbusters such as Jurassic Park and Spider-Man. He has that level of good pronunciation and voice in Tamil. He has also sung songs in some films.

He played the role of Pattabhi in the comedy series Chinna Baba Big Baba and became known to many as Pattabhi. With the introduction given by that series he started acting in small roles in films again. Vadivelu, the actor in the film Our Brother, had mixed in comedy with Pandiyaraj.

MS Bhaskar, who was thus cast, made a name for himself as a good actor by starring in the 2006 language film. He won the Best Character Actor award for the film. Known as Pattabhi till then, he reached out to many fans as MS Bhaskar.

He has also created a separate language to play the wild king in Simbudevan’s Iron Fort Rogue Lion. He made everyone laugh at the comedy in that film as well. He went on to become the pinnacle of fame in 2017 with the film 8 Bullets. In the short film, his performance was the focal point of the film’s success.

He is now 64 years old and is busy acting as Best Character Actor, Comedy Actor and Dubbing Artist. Had he acted in Hollywood, he would have won many Oscars as the best actor the world has ever admired. MS Bhaskar would have played the most amazing role in the currently acclaimed film Tanakaran.

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