Ms. Marvel’s Post-Credits Reveal a Major Problem for The MCU’s best Avenger

Ms. Marvel's Post-Credits Reveal a Major Problem for The MCU's best Avenger
Ms. Marvel's Post-Credits Reveal a Major Problem for The MCU's best Avenger

In the post-credits of the Season 1 ending of Ms. Marvel, fans found the MCU’s toughest Avenger has a large problem on their hands.

Among things fans were anticipating the majority of in Ms. Marvel was figuring out just how Kamala Khan’s coming-of-age trip would certainly link to The Marvels. With Kamala and also her family members in the film, many wondered if they would certainly head to area, or if Carol would be the one to visit Earth. It definitely obtained folks’ thinking caps on, particularly due to the fact that when Carol was last seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was by means of a hologram as she teleconferenced in to talk with Wong and the others concerning Shang-Chi’s Ten Rings.

Well, in the game-changing and 6th last episode of Season 1, Ms. Marvel went down a significant bombshell concerning Captain Marvel’s location. It came via the post-credits, which exposed how Kamala as well as Carol’s paths are originally intertwining. However, while it could be a desire become a reality for Kamala, what took place poses a significant trouble for Captain Marvel and also her mission as a galactic peacekeeper.

In the after-credits stinger, Kamala, worn and also tired from vigilante patrol, was on her bed. Her ever-watchful mother, Muneeba, was nagging her to get her homework done since while they sustained her superhero job after she came back from her time-trip, they still wanted her to stand out at academics. A worn down Kamala suddenly obtained scared seeing her bangle activate. As she rose, in the blink of an eye, she was sucked away into a mini-vortex, with someone else being flashed and tossed through her closet.

As this person stood up as well as cleaned themselves off, it became clear it was none aside from Carol. Captain Marvel was quite surprised, asking yourself why her hands were radiant and additionally, where the heck she was. As she took in the area, with all of Kamala’s images, illustrations and also fangirl memorabilia, Carol looked concerned. Holding up an illustration of herself, Carol murmured, “Oh, no,” under her breath as well as sped up out the area, ending the episode.

It’s not certain if Carol still has her powers in this scene. The latter would certainly describe why Carol was so terrified, well, on top of being disturbed by the degree of fangirling in Kamala’s area.

This untimely occasion has philosophers wondering if Kamala’s bangle is connected to what powered Carol up to come to be the best Avenger: the Space Stone. If both girls do have a bond, it might be the Space Stone is tied to the Light Dimension where Aisha originated from; hence the reason the bangle glowed, permitting the two heroes to change locations in a split second. That supposition apart, this displacement can now enable Carol to meet the Khans, try to mitigate their problems over Kamala’s safety, as well as finally, meet Monica Rambeau (the child of Maria, Carol’s late bestie).

She may well require Monica’s accessibility to SWORD technology to help split the situation of what occurred, which will certainly have an additional caution of mystery in it as Monica herself had her body altered in WandaVision after breaching Westview. That claimed, it’ll be stirring as Monica venerated Carol as an aunt and also a hero, which is paradoxically the kind of adulation Kamala has for the Avenger. Ultimately, with Monica’s energy absorption capabilities, she might really be the excellent ally to fix what’s happening with this teleportation, so Carol can not just save the teenager, yet also return to whatever cosmic farce she was entrenched in before being plucked away.

All six episodes of Ms. Marvel are now available on Disney+.

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