Murali Mohan: Krishna Gary’s fans have come to beat me for doing so

There is no need to introduce much about actor Murali Mohan. Heroes like Krishna and Shobhan Babu were introduced as a new boy during his reign and Murali Mohan became a hero during his time. Apart from being an actor, he also became a director and producer and made many good films for Tollywood. In a recent interview, he recalled his association with hero Krishna. At one point Krishna shocked the fans by saying that they had even come to beat him.

“Krishna Garu, I’m class mates in Inter .. Krishna Garu was handsome all over the college .. Everyone revolved around him .. After college he became a hero with the movie Honey Minds .. After that everyone knew that he would grow up to be a superstar. Then I became a producer from the acting side .. I produced a successor film in Krishna, Nagarjuna combo. There will be a scene in the movie where Nagarjuna and his father Krishna are deposed. Scene between father and son going to the level of Tara .. In which Krishna and Nagarjuna come to Nuvventa which means Nuvventa.

Krishna fans who saw the scene came to fight over our house. Some even came to beat me though. How can Nagarjuna say that while holding Krishnagar? I can not say that .. cut those aces .. otherwise change the scene, shouting in front of our house and got into a fight. However, it is a movie .. Look at the story, the character .. I do not like to be taken personally .. I do not hear people who are so fond of Krishna Gari .. Not to mention Krishna Gari but .. He is a very great person. Producers’ hero .. If a producer loses money in a flop .. Call home and talk to him .. He says he will make a new movie. Even if the producer says he has no money, he will assure you to start the film after all. I have never seen such a great man. ” Now these comments have gone viral.

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