Murali Mohan, who unveiled the first look poster of “O Dadhu Hadham”. Congratulations to the team.

Murali Mohan, who unveiled the first look poster of ``O Dadhu Hadham''. Congratulations to the team.
Murali Mohan, who unveiled the first look poster of ``O Dadhu Hadham''. Congratulations to the team.

Murali Mohan starrer motion picture ‘O Vatdha Hudham’ was a great success during that time. After 37 years, another movie with the same title will certainly be launched. Murali Mohan unveiled the poster of this motion picture. Lion Sreeram Dutti has generated the movie ‘O Vatdha Hudham’ under the banner of AVK Films under the banner of Lion Arigapudi Vijay Kumar. The movie will be made under the supervision of Rajender Raju Kanchanapalli and routed by Pratap Bhimavarapu.

It was a milestone in my movie profession. Currently after 37 years this movie which is coming once again with the same title is likewise obtaining great success and receiving awards.

Chatting concerning this movie, which is being fired at a rapid pace, producer Sriram Dutti claimed, “Murali Mohan is a successful manufacturer. My passion is to produce effective films as a good manufacturer with the true blessings of Lion Arigapudi Vijay Kumar with the audience’s acceptance. Viva Reddy’s acting as a hero in the movie ‘O Vadda Hudham’ is an advantage,” he claimed.

Murali Mohan has actually been my preferred because the beginning of my movie occupation in Madras. I worked with Madala Ranga Rao for the film Viplava Shankham. The release of the first look poster by their hands is an evidence that our film will likewise be a wonderful success just as they have attained great success by playing the hero under their banner,” he claimed.

Publicity designer Viva Reddy said, “Having worked as a promotion developer for more than 600 films, I am deeply grateful to Kanchanapalli Rajender Raju’s elder sibling for giving me a possibility to make a great movie that will certainly be born in mind in my life. This movie will be a transforming point for me as a designer and star.

Supervisors Kanchanapalli Rajendra Raju said, “Daivamsha Sambhutulu, popular manufacturer director Murali Mohan” revealing the first look poster of “O Vatdha Hudham” poster is truly a gift from God. Greeting and true blessing everybody who helped the film with a very good heart is a proof of their terrific heart. A person like Murali Mohan is an ideas to our generation as an actor, producer, business owner, he stated.

Pratap, Sriram, Rajendra Kumar, Viva Reddy, Kunal, Kushal, Chimal Bhasha, Anuradha, Raraju, Surabhi Shravani, Punarvi, Shivaji, Ramyakrishna, Manjula, Swathi, Jyoti, KVL Narasimha Rao, Lakshminarayana, Perini Srikanth, Gundu Brothers, Jabardast Nagaraju, Starring Mimicri Raju, Ramu, Ayyappa, Pramila, Amrita Varshini, Sai Charan, Sai Teja etc.

Producer: Sriram Dutti

Director: Pratap Bhimavarapu

Supervision: Rajender Raju Kanchanapalli

Director of Photography: Suresh Chettipalli

Music: Bapu Shastri,

Songs: Haritasa, Bikki Krishna,Dasari Venkataramana,

Publicity Designer: Viva Reddy

Coordinator: Rapolu Dattatri,

Co Director: Seshu Kumar, Ranganath Kothakota,

Assistant Director: Balachander, Manager: Ramakrishna Raju. Art Director : Duddipudi Phani

Raju, Production : Siva.

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