If you’re in need of an excellent ol’ western movie to get your classic juices streaming, you’ll be grateful to understand that Murder at Yellowstone City is coming your method. The story blends the traditional, Golden era Hollywood category with a murder secret and a star-studded cast. Focused around the titular Yellowstone City, the movie follows a constable that instantly implicates and puts behind bars a Black man after a regional prospector is assassinated. As the murders development, nevertheless, the city occupants rapidly find that everybody has something to conceal.

The trailer for Murder at Yellowstone City recommends that the story is equivalent parts painful and action-packed, with the setting playing out practically like a scary movie and characters explaining the city as an “evil place”. And it definitely appears to be, with faith and violence strolling hand in hand and a constable that plainly is abusing his power and determining what goes throughout his examination.


After the killing occurs, things just get more made complex: It appears like the constable, the priest, the suspects and the occupants all enter dispute mode, and nobody can rely on anybody – a healthy circumstance and not hazardous at all, naturally. Then it’s every individual for themselves as bullets begin flying all over.

Murder at Yellowstone City is directed by Richard Gray, who’s been putting out brand-new tasks practically every year since he made his function movie directorial launching with Summer Coda. He likewise directed The Lookalike and Sugar Mountain. The movie script for Murder at Yellowstone City is composed by Eric Belgau, who formerly dealt with Gray on Robert the Bruce and likewise penned Murder on the Yellow Brick Roadway.

The star-studded cast functions Gabriel Byrne (Genetic), Thomas Jane (The Mist), Isaiah Mustafa (Shadow Hunters), Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect), Aimee Garcia (Lucifer), Emma Kenney (Outrageous), Nat Wolff (Paper Towns), and Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws).

Murder at Yellowstone City premieres in theaters and on digital/on need on June 24. You can watch the trailer listed below:

Take a look at the main run-through here:

The as soon as tranquil and thriving Yellowstone City has actually fallen on tough times, however when a regional prospector strikes gold, things appear to be reversing. Any hope is quickly shattered when the prospector is discovered dead and the Constable rapidly apprehends a strange newbie. However absolutely nothing is so basic in this drowsy western town, and more than a few of the residents have tricks to keep and factors to eliminate. As the harsh murders continue, pitting next-door neighbor versus next-door neighbor, Yellowstone City decreases a bloody course to a last face-off that not all will endure.