Music composer Sam C.S.

Accumulated compliments to composer Sam CS for the background music that enlivens the works Background music – a mix of Sam CS hit songs and smart background music = Sam C. Fans who have visited the film ‘Sani Kaitham’ released on the S Amazon Prime video digital site continue to drop their open-minded compliments on the film’s background music.

It is a unique story that the number of fans who are already praising his hit songs is increasing by the millions. Composer Sam CS’s songs featured in films released to music are a source of celebration for millions of music fans.

Actors Madhavan and Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi starrer ‘Vikram Veda’ has a unique background music that has captivated audiences around the world. He is also revived by music.

Music composer Sam C.S.

The modern version of the song ‘Malarnthum Malaratha ..’, featuring Selvaragavan and Keerthi Suresh, who played the lead roles in the film ‘Sani Kayitham’, has kept the younger generation of music fans celebrating today. According to an online commentary on the film’s background music, his background music was the primary factor in focusing on the story without tiring the audience, for many of the long scenes co-created by the cinematographer and director.

Many of the songs composed by him are still celebrated by the younger generation. After ‘Vikram Veda’, Sam CS has been recognized as a successful composer for his performances in many films such as ‘Atanga Maru’, ‘Ayogya’ and ‘Kaiti’. Why? When asked, ” When the directors tell the story for the first time, references to the background music come to my mind. Characters, field contexts, verses, storytelling, moments when the music should be completely silenced, moments that are important to the background music …

After observing precisely, I begin my musical choreography. If there is any request from the directors or the music of the film crew, I will listen to them and continue with the background music. I also try to create different sound notes that reflect the character of the character. Determines how the story, screenplay, and background music should fit. I observe any style of cinema and provide background music.

I feel their joy and applause as they deliver a sound that transcends the tastes of the fans and their expectations. There will be a dedicated search for songs featured in the film, as well as attempts at background music. The songs are determined by the plot, the character and the screenplay. Although montages are songs, I work with the desire to have a musical experience available to the audience.

I pay extra attention to the fact that the sound should join off with the soundtrack without the sound reaching loudly into the ears of music fans. Although it’s natural for songs to be composed after the lyrics have been composed and for the lyrics to be composed after the songs have been written, the ultimate goal is to have successful songs. I would also like to thank the creators, producers and musicians who have always supported me in all my new endeavors. ”

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