Music video of Beast movie copied by Anirudh card .. Source trapped by Netizens

Anirudh made his debut as a composer at a young age and is currently releasing most of the films in Tamil cinema. His songs have received a unanimous reception among the fans. Thus the killer song composed by Anirudh 3 spread all over the world.

This aside, he is often accused of copying music from another film and using it in his films. Anirudh had composed the music for the upcoming film Beast directed by Nelson Dileepkumar and starring Vijay.

Even before the film’s release, Arabic boxing was released and became a hit. This was followed by the release of the second song which captivated everyone from children to adults. In this situation, Anirudh has also copied the music of the movie Beast.

De Meter, ISHNLV’s song AT Colima has surpassed millions of views on YouTube. This tune is very popular among the youth. Many had this as their ringtone. Anirudh Beast is currently using this music in the film.

Seeing this, meme creators take Anirudh to task. Also, Yuvan fans are currently criticizing Anirudh for copying music on the internet. And Anirudh fans have been fighting hard against Yuvan fans to save him somehow.

Thus the internet has become a battleground between these two fans. They are constantly attacking each other. Whatever it is Anirudh coffee hit is confirmed by this video. Vijay fans are worried about such a situation for the Beast movie which is already getting many negative reviews.

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