‘My Father’s Violin’ Ending, Explained: Why Did Ali Abandon Mehmet In Childhood?


Netflix’s Turkish movie, “My Father’s Violin,” puts a narcissistic violinist on the heart of the war and examines the shell that he has created to present protection to himself from all human feelings. Even supposing his infuriate and ambition like made him a talented musician, he fails to luxuriate in that his lack of vulnerability in total finally ends up in his incapability to explicit feelings completely. And revel in every tales, a tragedy hits him and introduces him to a person whose impact will handiest raise him nearer to himself. The place a matter to here is whether or now not or now not our virtuoso violinist will web the swap and mend the flaw in his persona, or will reject it and succumb to his absorb despair, handiest to die on their lonesome within the tip?

‘My Father’s Violin’ Topic Summary

Ali Riza is a aspect road violinist who lives alongside with his 8-year-obsolete daughter, Ozlem, and performs alongside with his minute band to invent ends meet. Ozlem’s mother died whereas giving beginning, and soon Ali used to be identified with a terminal illness. He hides his health crisis from his daughter and pays a run to to his younger brother, Mehmet Mahir, who fled to Italy all the draw by childhood and has returned to his country as a essential violinist.

The 2 brothers meet after 32 years, and Ali pleads with Mehmet to undertake Ozlem after his death. Alternatively, Mehmet aloof holds a grudge in opposition to Ali for abandoning him in childhood and thus walks away, expressing that his brother died for him years within the past.

Ali leaves the sphere soon, and within the absence of any animated guardian, Ms. İnci, the representative of the diminutive one welfare provider company, takes away Ozlem. When Ozlem refuses to run to an orphanage, Ms. İnci informs her three uncles about Ali’s younger brother, Mehmet, who need to purchase Ozlem’s custody if he needs to retract her faraway from the orphanage.

Before every little thing, Mehmet refuses to serve, but then his partner Suna convinces him to serve his niece come out of the power in tell that she can dwell a chuffed lifestyles with the extended family she has. Mehmet concurs to serve with the design of leaving Ozlem within the care of her three uncles, but soon Ms. İnci informs Mehmet that the administration pays a run to to his residence within a month to verify the custody. And not using a diversified chance, Mehmet takes Ozlem to his residence and soon begins a candy and sour relationship between an uncle and his niece. ‘My Father’s Violin’ extra explores their race in direction of acceptance, which also helps Mehmet to turn proper into a larger artist.

Why Did Ali Abandon Mehmet In Childhood?

Mehmet and Ali’s father died when they were very younger. Their mother remarried, and their step-father turned out to be a very violent and adversarial person. He started beating Mehmet and Ali for trivial affairs whereas their mother spent her days drinking and ignoring the children. The bruise marks on Ali and Mehmet’s our bodies that Ozlem seen were resulted in by the violent assaults inflicted upon them by their step-father.

To flee the wrath of this maniac, Ali started saving money for them to escape away to Italy. Alternatively, he would perhaps well additionally handiest set ample for one tag and, thus, within the tip, made up our minds to place his brother on the ship. Whereas Mehmet known as Ali and begged him to board the ship, Ali ran away because he didn’t are desirous to mumble Mehmet the truth, or else he too would like stayed attend. For the length of his lifestyles, Mehmet hated his brother for abandoning him, and this infuriate fueled his ambitions and made him a virtuoso violinist.

Mehmet sooner or later chanced on the truth when he revisited his obsolete residence, the assign Ali and Ozlem used to dwell. Ozlem published to Mehmet the truth regarding the tag, which she realized from her slack father. She also handed to Mehmet a scrapbook made by Ali whereby he had quiet all of the achievements of his younger brother. Ali used to be never ready to set ample money to run back and forth to Italy, yet he saved his brother and his recollections shut to his heart. The revelations grew to turn proper into a turning point in Mehmet’s lifestyles and tore down his narcissistic shell that he had created to present protection to himself from all human attachments. 

Till now, Mehmet believed that each one his accomplishments were a outcomes of his absorb hustle, but he sooner or later understood the importance of diversified folks’s sacrifices and their impact, which helped him turn proper into a talented musician. Mehmet tried to invent amends and adopted Ozlem as his daughter. He also requested for forgiveness from his partner, Suna, and requested that she be a section of his upcoming dwell efficiency in tell that she would perhaps well additionally additionally excel as a pianist and pursue her ardour. It used to be the first time Mehmet didn’t imagine himself, but gave attention to diversified folks’s wishes and ambitions.

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‘My Father’s Violin’ Ending Explained 

From the beginning, it used to be established that Mehmet’s world revolved around his art. Nothing used to be more major to him than his absorb lifestyles, routine, and rehearsals. In the pursuit of his ardour, he skipped over his family, or one would perhaps well additionally enlighten, he never troubled to like a family. Nonetheless Ozlem changed every little thing.

Even supposing everyone else believed that Mehmet used to be a changed man, there used to be one check ready for him to approve his transformation.

Mehmet and Suna didn’t know that Ozlem used to be allergic to nuts, and whereas they were busy with their rehearsal, Ozlem purchased a nut ice cream and suffered an assault. Ms. İnci doubted Mehmet’s skill to spice up Ozlem and took her attend to the orphanage. Ozlem notion that Mehmet and Suna had given her away and started hating them. Suna happy Mehmet that they would rescue Ozlem from the orphanage after their dwell efficiency, but Ozlem ran away on the the same day.

Minutes earlier than his efficiency, Mehmet chanced on that Ozlem used to be missing. At this point, he had two decisions: both to compose for the dwell efficiency, which it sounds as if used to be his lifestyles’s largest efficiency to this point, or sacrifice his dream to search out his niece and serve her earlier than any mishap came about to her. Fortunately, Mehmet, who had understood the importance of human attachment and feelings, made up our minds to serve Ozlem and left the dwell efficiency. He chanced on Ozlem within the garden the assign she in total visited alongside with her father. Ozlem expressed her wish to compose on the dwell efficiency, and Mehmet couldn’t refuse her innocent ask. He brought Ozlem to the stage, the assign they performed together luxuriate in she used to compose with Ali.

Will Mehmet Be In a situation To Adopt Ozlem?

Attributable to the carelessness of the administration, Ozlem ran faraway from the orphanage. Mehmet would perhaps well additionally blame them for the mistake luxuriate in they blamed him and argue that somebody can invent a mistake and, which capability, everyone deserves a 2d chance. What came about has came about, and none of us has the skill to swap the previous. What we are able to invent is to purchase action for a larger future, and evidently, Ozlem’s happiness lies with Mehmet and Suna, who like already licensed her as their very absorb diminutive one. Every husband and partner had an emptiness interior them, which used to be doubtlessly resulted in by the shortage of a kid. Fortunately, Ozlem stuffed that emptiness with happiness, and now the three of them can preserve happily together.

‘My Father’s Violin’ is a Musical Drama movie directed by Andaç Haznedaroglu. It’s streaming on Netflix.

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