My flag will fly there too

Anirudh is one of the leading emerging music directors today. He never gets a callsheet just like the heroes get a callsheet. He’s been around so busy. And all the songs composed by Anirudh for the Beast movie which is currently being released under the direction of Nelson Dilip Kumar and starring Commander Vijay became hits.

Now the desire to grow up like AR Raghuvan has come to him. So we can not grow if we only step in for films in Tamil. Anirudh has now decided to take action as she wants to be the next Oscar winner only automatically.

Anirudh, who spends most of his time at his studio in Alwarpet, Chennai, is currently staying in a hotel in Mumbai, greedily wanting our flag to fly everywhere.

The financiers discuss the story and everything in the magnificent hotel where many cinematographers stay. So he put the button and stayed there to correct them.

So Anirudh, who is currently based in Mumbai, is desperate to capture many Hindi films there. Anirudh, who commits to monolithic films in Tamil and does not compose music for all those films in a timely manner, stands on his own two feet in his greed to grow up in Bollywood soon.

The directors and producers are lamenting whether Anirudh, who is sitting in Mumbai, will compose songs for the next Tamil films.

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