The romantic funny category has actually been among the most popular in movie and tv for years. There have actually been numerous timeless movies to come from this category for many years. In specific, there have actually been contemporary classics of late that have actually transformed the method audiences have actually viewed the rom-com while significantly highlighting the LGBTQ+ neighborhood. 2022 has actually currently seen a couple of terrific romantic comedies and Lionsgate’s My Phony Sweetheart seeks to keep the categories hot streak alive. The highly-anticipated movie is concerning Amazon Prime Video this July and, to promote the release, My Phony Sweetheart simply got a brand-new trailer.

The trailer showcases 2 things actually well – the movie’s terrific cast and its eccentric story. In the trailer, we follow Andrew, played by Keiynan Lonsdale, who is regularly in and out of a toxic relationship with his sweetheart. Andrew is seen attempting to recover the love of his sweetheart who is revealed consistently cheating on him throughout the trailer. This is where Andrew’s meddling pals been available in; played by Dylan Sprouse and Sarah Hyland, the 2 attempt to assist him by producing a brand-new best phony sweetheart “Cristiano”.


Total the trailer provides a light-hearted, exciting, rom-com that has fun with familiar narrative tropes. Nevertheless, bringing it into the contemporary age, the story includes social networks and viral patterns to the mix. Generally, the phony relationship trope in rom-coms still depends on genuine people, so the truth that Sprouses character places on a motion-capture fit to play a personality is an amusing twist on that formula. It likewise generates styles about how quickly connected people get to phony truths and how we get lost in the personalities we placed on for society. Sprouse has actually constantly been a charming and adorable entertainer on screen and from the trailer, this seems an ideal suitable for the star.

The trailer likewise showcases an enjoyable and fascinating LGBTQ+ story by boycotting the standard coming out story. It, rather, develops a quickly relatable story of somebody attempting to browse their social life, though utilizing a phony sweetheart while attempting to impress the one they genuinely enjoy. Current movies, like Hulu’s Crush, took a comparable method with terrific success.

The movie stars Lonsdale, Sprouse, Hyland, Samer Salem, Marcus Rosner, Karen Robinson, and is directed by Rose Troche. Lonsdale has actually been terrific on shows like The Flash and movies like Love, Simon. Like Sprouse, he has a great deal of resonating beauty, and it is going to be enjoyable to see him in this more comical setting.

My Phony Sweetheart is concerning Amazon Prime Video on July 17. Watch the complete trailer for My Phony Sweetheart down listed below: