‘My Story Nantanda Villain’ .. H. who is waiting to make an incident in AK 61. Vinod

One of the most anticipated directors among fans is H.P. Vinod. The films he directs have a separate audience.

Strength to AK 61

The film, which was released on February 24 last year, received mixed reviews. Shake the bar on collections though.

Ajith – H Vinod Alliance. The shooting of the film has started today in Hyderabad.

My story is Nantanda the villain

In this case, it has been revealed that Ajith is acting in a double action in the film. Ajith plays one character as the hero and another as the villain.

Apart from that, it is said that Ajith will be seen in many builds in the film. From this it is clear that a definite quality event awaits.

Actor Ajith’s huge new house .. first released photo

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