Mysteries coming out of Thonda Thonda .. Wije Chitra who was murdered and hanged

Many of the current iconic actresses have a huge fan base in exchange for big screen heroines. There are a lot of fans who fell in love with the late actress Chitra in that genre. Housewives have been watching the Pandian Stores serial with interest for his umbilical cord character.

Chitra, who was such a famous person, committed suicide by hanging in the year 2020. This caused a huge stir in the logo circle. Many fans commented that the brave girl Chitra was not likely to commit suicide.

Chitra’s husband was arrested by the police on that basis. He is currently out on bail and has been releasing various shocking information about Chitra’s death. In it, he said that Chitra had links with politicians and that was the reason for his death.

This aside, Chitra’s parents and relatives have been blaming Homnath for her death. Actress Rekha Nair, who has been revealing many facts about Chitra’s death from the beginning, has now said a shocking thing.

He said that on the day of Chitra’s death, they killed him when he got in the car after finishing the shooting and then hung himself in the room and pretended to commit suicide. He added that it was unlikely that Homnath alone had committed the murder and that the four-member gang had been complicit.

Currently, Chitra’s case is heating up over these allegations. However the deceased Chitra is not going to come back anymore. Fans have been condemning Rekha Nair for not releasing any such unsubstantiated information about her.

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