Nagashitanya wants to take revenge on Samantha .. 2nd evil act

Telugu actor Naga Chaitanya and Samantha, who have been romantically linked to cinema for four years, fell in love and got married.

But many fans were expecting the two to come together but by the end it did not seem like the two would be coming together. It has been reported that Nagashitanya is currently getting ready for her second marriage.

But it has been reported that the woman he is marrying is not an actress and is going to marry someone who has nothing to do with the film industry.

Many are saying that it would be nice if the two of them got together. Nagashitanya’s side will announce whether this news is true or not as soon as there is no official announcement in this regard.

But Samantha doesn’t seem to take it too seriously. Because it was only after announcing that she was going to get a divorce that Samantha began to act as a comedian in a series of independent films, independently. It is clear that Samantha is happy, especially after the divorce.

Samantha, who is thus keeping herself busy all the time, is probably in a position to take it as a matter of course if there is a second marriage to Naga Chaitanya and go and congratulate her on that marriage.

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