Namitha who went so far as to commit suicide due to depression .. The good news told by Uchi Kulira

Namitha made her debut in Tamil cinema with the film Our Brother, starring Vijaykanth. Although he acted in a few films after that he did not get proper recognition. Thus acting in a glamorous role.

But after that he did not get the boat opportunities due to his weight gain. Thus she participated as a judge in a dance show aired on iconic television. I could not see him in the movies after that.

But a few years later Vijay entertained the fans by appearing on the TV show Big Boss. In this situation Namitha fell in love with producer Veera and got married. They were married for a few years and had no children.

It was also reported that he had attempted suicide due to severe depression. But now he has reduced his health through strenuous exercise. She also posted the news that she is 7 months pregnant with a photo and made the fans happy.

These pregnancy photos of Namitha are currently going viral on the internet. Screen celebrities and her fans who have seen this have been congratulating Namitha. And today is his birthday.

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