Nangatanya is the first .. Legend Annachi who left the race when Kamal told him

Often in jewelry and clothing advertising any actress who has a high market share during that period will be given a very large sum and cast in that ad. But in the current advertisements, the shop owners are acting.

The creator of this trend is Namba Saravana Stores Annachi. Many who have seen his acting ability have told him to act in cinema as well. In the same vein, Nambi Annachi has also finished acting in The Legend.

The film stars world beauty Urvasi Ravdula opposite Annachi. And many celebrities have starred in this film. The late comedian Vivek also starred in the film. Now the film is ready for release.

Similarly, Vikram, starring Kamal, is awaiting release after completion of filming. In this situation, Kamal is making many arrangements to hold an audio launch event for the film.

In this situation, Vikram has made arrangements for the film on May 15 at the Nehru Indoor Stadium as many celebrities from the film industry are coming. But the audio launch for The Legend was scheduled to take place at the same stadium before Kamal.

But Annachi has left this place at the request of Kamal. There is talk in the cinema circles that Annachi is really a big man. It is also worth noting that The Legend songs have become a trend on YouTube.

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